Methodology of massage

Methodology of massage


           This art of massage came in Japan from china and spread in every corner of the country.Human being is using massage for good health since ancient. It has been using not only in India but also other countries of the world. Before thousand years ago in China, lots of attention was given to the massage. It was considered a good method to get rid of several kinds of diseases. Chinese thought that massage is very beneficial for the good health and to make the body beautiful. People who massage their body got lot of respect in the society. Masseur was give lots of respect in the society like modern doctors at present. 

           This art of massage came in Japan from china and spread in every corner of the country. In these countries, massage has a high place. Method of massage is quite different in Japan. There are many types of massage there as pinching, pounding and rubbing tightly with the help of hand. They do not know the massage with soft hand or light massage. They do not get any kind of pleasure in the gentle massage.  

           Greece, Rome, Turkey, Egypt and Persia know the importance of massage and used to adopt it along with India, china and Japan. Before 500 years ago of Christ, Herodics, the founder of gymnastic used to suggest massage to their patients. Hippocitage, the founder of some modern medicines described the traits of massage in his epics before 460 Bc.     

           They described several kinds of treatments to get rid of different kinds of diseases. Ancient Greek literature, statues and portraits are sufficient to describe the liking of the people for massage at that time. Massage and exercise was the mean of their good body and health. It is said too that they were very fond of massage and exercise. Later on, women started to massage their body.

           A Greek poet named homer described the popularity of massage in his epic named Oddessy. When warriors returned after war, they were used to massage by their wives and maid servant. They were massaged in the form of gentle clapping massage to end body exhaustion and tightness.      

         If we peep in the history, we find that warriors were massaged by their wives when they returned after battle. At that time, slavery tradition was present. Kings and princes used to get massaged their body to make themselves strong and beautiful. Thus, they got strong and beautiful body. Beautiful and healthy body was considered the symbol of respect. 

           A Greek doctor described a lot about the massage along with exercise to keep the body healthy and strong.

         Before the birth of Christ, a famous king was the patient of neuralgia (a disease of nervous system). He used to get a different kind of massage to get rid of this disease regularly.

         A roman doctor told we can get rid of several kinds of chronic pains and disease with the help of massage by standing in sunlight. In addition to, massage is very essential to give strength to the paralysis affected organs as legs and arms. He considered that disease disappears soon by massaging the affected portion.

           Turkish people used to massage their body before taking bath but this massage was normal massage and it was not based on scientific method. In ancient time, a custom was popular in Africa that both bridegroom and bride were massaged daily before one month of marriage. It was considered that massage blossoms their puberty. In our country too, there is a custom of turmeric at the time of massage. Before thousand years ago, people of a tribe named Medagaskar used to massage to the patient to increase their blood pressure.     

           Egyptians were very fond of massage in ancient time. They taught the art of massage to the Romans and Greek people. A famous queen used to get massage her hair with olive oil and she was very popular for her beautiful hair. A great scholar wrote that the modern word named ‘massage’ is originated by an Arabian word named mass (flesh). It means the art of massaging to the muscles and joints of the body with the help of hand. It makes the body organs flexible and ends the laziness of the body. Massage makes a man active.    

           Frances taught the art of massaging by Arabians. After that, Arabian spread it in their country and other European countries.  

           History describes that Heronimas Fabrix A.B. Accupedent (1537-1619) reproduced the medical importance of massage. A writer named perosales described several kinds of techniques of massage with uses in his book ‘the medicine Agiypasan.   

         His experiences were based on the tradition of massage which was popular in Egypt. Besides, several writers gave importance to massage in their literature. A writer named Piyore described the qualities of massage in his book published in 1818. 

           The history of England clears out that massage is being used there for the treatment. There massage is known by the name ‘Rubbing’. It is said that masseur used to work on payment and rich and landlord used to keep personal masseurs permanently.

        A book based on massage was published in 1863. People praised this book very much. This book was purchase on large scale. The doctor of ‘School of Gladiator’ in paragamus made a rule of massaging the body before exercise until the body becomes red completely in 1830. 

           A great physician had invented gentle and fast massage in 1575 to get rid of obesity, low blood pressure and misplaced joints. He had got desired result.

           Halfman, the doctor of Persian king, used to give lots of stress on the massage and exercise. He considered that the body becomes healthy and the body gets power to fight against the diseases. Thus, a patient gets rid of many diseases with the help of massage.  

        Grassvenor, surgeon of oxford, had got name and fame by successful treatment of the disease named joints ache and stiffness. In those days, mr. ballfor had cured many diseases as rheumatic pain and other kinds of diseases with the help of massage, pounding and compression.    

           In 1813, royal institute has been established in Stockhom and the doctor named Peter Henary Ling has invented a new kind of massage. Later on, it got popularity by the name ‘Massage’. He gave scientific form to the massage and started appropriate massage according to physical structure. It is said that Henary Ling took the help of ‘cang fo’ a Chinese epic to find out new technique of massage.

First-active movement, second-passive movement and third resistive movement-

1. Active movement:  The body is massage with dry hand or with oil. In it, muscles are made soft and tender by rubbing them.

2. Passive movement: Joints, blood pipes and nervous system are cured by the help of gentle tapping, vibrating and palming.

3. Resistive movement: In it, massage is done gently. We cure many diseases as gout, paralysis, pain and several other diseases by taking the help of massage.


           Professor monsoon jill, bereham and helde, pupils of doctor majgar, have invented several kinds of techniques of massage and cured many patients. Thereafter, people started to adopt it on large scale. 

           In 1877, ware michel, an American doctor, supported to prove massage a beneficial activity. He proved the importance of massage by curing the patients of nursthiniya. After that, people started massage for the treatment of diseases and several doctors and surgeons adopted massage an important part of treatment.  

           Besides, large number of doctors of many countries described and wrote about the importance of massage. A huge literature was written on this subject too. A famous western writer named mackenzi described the qualities of massage in his popular book named ‘Use of education and medicines’. He said that massage is the best exercise for nervous system. There are four major deeds of it in which it is helpful as normal blood circulation, breathing, digestion and excretion of stool

           Dr. keller, head of the plastic surgery department in Munikh University, told surgery and massage two real sisters. Once he said while describing about massage that as we cut off disease affected organ in the same way massage expels out the disorder of the body. In simple words, a person gets healthy and beautiful body by massage. Doctor Keller himself observed many ugly woman achieving beauty.