Nails are very important parts of our hands. Hence, we should pay too much attention on the care of nails. Shiny and pinky nails appear very beautiful and become the identification of good health. Zigzag, pale, spotty nails make hand dirty.


  • Gloves of rubber should be put on in the hands at the time of doing any work.
  • Don’t scratch vessels and other things with nails. Shape of nails becomes ugly if it is done.
  • Apply oil on your nail at the time of gardening or gloves can be put on. Soil will not enter inside the nails.
  • Nails never should be chewed with teeth. Shape of the nails become dirty and such nails appear ugly if they are chewed with teeth.
  • Nails keep on breaking because of the lack of calcium and vitamins in the body. Nutritive meal should be taken to get rid of this lack. Milk and milk made product can be taken too.
  • Take lukewarm olive oil in a small bowl and immerse your nails in this oil for five minutes. Thereafter, massage your nails properly. Nails become strong by doing so.
  • Take lemon peels that have been extracted and rub on the nails.
  •  If your nails are big, they can be cleaned with the help of cotton.
  • Sometimes, nails keep on breaking because of softness. For it, take kerosene oil in a small bowl or olive oil in a quantity so that nails may sink in it properly. Immerse your nails in this oil for 4-5 minutes. Nails become very strong and they do not break easily if above mentioned formula is adopted. 
  • If nails are harder than the need and a lot of difficulty has to face while cutting them, immerse your nails in water for sometime and then cut them. You will cut your nails easily if they are wet.

Types of nails:

  • Increasing nails and giving them a good shape is an art. But a few women pay attention about this direction. Nowadays, women want to pay too much attention on tiny things of their body but they have no knowledge how they can increase nails or how they can give good look to them. Hands become beautiful because of beautiful nails and dirty because of zigzag and shapeless and spotty nails.
  • For it, you should increase your nails according to the length of your hands and nails. Find out whether your hands are longer or smaller than the fingers or nails are broad or narrow shaped. Beauticians think that half centimeter long nails from the tips of finger appear beautiful and there is no fear of breaking such kinds of nails. If your hands are small or sensitive, long nails don’t suit on such kinds of hands. Small nails in big hands make them bigger than the before. Pointed nails appear old fashioned and there is a fear of breaking them.
  • Sometimes, beauty of hands disappears because of breaking nail of one or two fingers. It is necessary for it that nails of all the fingers should be cut. Generally, root of a nail reaches to the tip of the finger in the period of six month. Cuticle (lower skin of the nails) of the nails should not be touched with any device of metal. It is harmful for the growth of nail and there is a fear of breaking it. Several kinds of problems start to take birth because of the lack of calcium in the body or improper blood circulation. Hence, pay attention on the nails as you get time.
  • Let your nails increase till the tips of fingers in a straight direction. It is the secret to increase nails. Make definite the length of nails according the size of the hands after increasing required length of nails. Straight nails with roundness make fingers and hands beautiful. Square sized nails with roundness are good in the point of view of fashion. If your hands and fingers are broad, you should not make your nails in square shape. Egg shaped size or round shape can be given to the nails in this situation.     

Treatment to strengthen nails:

  • Mix castor oil and glycerin each in equal quantity. Apply them on the tips of fingers and cuticle. Nails become strong and shiny by doing so.
  • Nails become strong by applying pure lanolin.
  • Nails become rough because of too much use of nail polish. For it, prepare decoction by boiling leaves of elum in water and keep on drenching them in water. Roughness of the nails disappears by doing so for one month regularly.
  • Heat four small spoons petroleum jelly and mix half spoon glycerin in it. Cuticle cream is ready for nails.