Nail polish

Nail polish


          Decorated nails of a woman appear good and beautiful whether the fingers are long or short. If your fingers are very small, long nails will improve beauty of your hands. Application of nail polish along with their enlargement is a common thing nowadays. But, most of women neither apply nail polish properly nor they choose appropriate color. Many times, several women apply nail polish on the first coat of nail polish which looks very ugly. For it, remove nail polish applied before with the help of nail polish remover.   Decorated nails of a woman appear good and beautiful whether the fingers are long or short.

      Nail polish should never remove with the help of blade and knife otherwise real glow of the nails can disappear. Apply nail polish on the nails after cleansing them. Bring brush from external region to internal region on the nail while applying nail polish on them. Nail polish will not disappear soon if it is applied in this way as mentioned here. Generally, application of nail polish is a common fashion nowadays. Apply nail polish 2-3 times instead of once thick coat. Let the nail polish properly after applying it.   

         Application of nail polish on nails should be started from the thumb. First, apply base coat on the thumb and then apply three stock of nail polish from below to tip. First, apply nail polish at the middle region of nail and then on the both sides of nails. Drench brush in nail polish each times while applying nail polish on each finger. Apply nail polish once in base coat and thereafter two coat of nail color. Shake the bottle of nail polish well before use. Apply another coat of nail polish after five minutes of first coat.    

          Nail polish of different colors should apply on the nails to improve the beauty of hands. Mostly red and dark red color of nail polish is used. Or choose color of nail polish according the shade of your clothes. Apply transparent nail polish on the nails before the application of nail polish. Then, you can apply nail polish according your choice. Apply dark colored nail polish on the toes all the time. Keep cotton wad between the two fingers while applying nail polish on the toes. Nail polish will not spread on other fingers by doing so.

          Don’t drench brush into deep of nails polish bottle. Extra nail polish should be removed from the nail polish. Now, keep brush at the middle region of nail and apply nail polish. Apply nail polish on one nail three time one after another. Another coat of polish should be applied after drying the first one coat.  


  • Never apply nail polish by sitting in fan or cooler wind. Nail polish gets dry by doing so.
  • Bottle of nail polish should be kept by covering with a cork.
  • Use remover to remove past coat of nail polish.
  • Drench cotton wad in remover and rub on the nails slowly.
  • Enclose the cork of bottle should be kept tightly otherwise it flies into the air.