The patient suffers from inflammation in the larynx because of this disease. The throat of the patient becomes dry and he suffers from wet cough.  

Cause of inflammation in the larynx:

  • Excessive singing, crying and orating loudly become the causes of this disease named Laryngitis.
  • Sensation of cold and living on a humid place can be cause of Laryngitis.
  • Excessive use of cold things in meal may be the cause of this disease.
  • When polluted liquid accumulated in the body reaches in the throat of a person by anyway, he becomes the victim of this disease.
  • Excessive use of spicy food or taking meal more than need may be the cause of this disease.

Treatment of Laryngitis according to naturopathy:

  • First, the patient should apply mud pack on his abdomen for the treatment of this disease named Laryngitis. Thereafter, his stomach should be cleansed by adopting enema.
  • The patient of Laryngitis should wrap wet bandage around the throat in the morning and evening. Mud pack should be applied on the neck too.
  • Hot and cold applications should be applied on the chest, throat and shoulders by the patient of this disease by turns. Thereafter, he should take bath with lukewarm water on the second day.
  • Mix a little salt in the lukewarm water and gargle with this water. The patient should drink one glass salt mixed lukewarm water in the morning and one glass in the evening.
  • The patient should eat boiled vegetables and breads made with the flour that has siftings.
  • The patient gets rid of this disease if he takes fruits and milk in sufficient quantity.
  • The patient should drink lemon juice mixed water many times in a day. Besides it, he should drink 25 ml water of dark blue colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight six times in day. Thus, the patient gets rid of this disease named laryngitis by doing treatment according to naturopathy.