Small intestine can be divided into three parts:

1. Duodenum

2. Jejunum

3. Ileum

          When digested protein, carbohydrate and untouched fat reach into the intestines, all such kinds of foodstuffs are digested with the help of intestinal juice. This juice mixes the secretions of intestines, bile, acid and juice of pancreas altogether. When all these things are digested, the intestine digests these things again in the ileum with the help of a special organ. If the absorbing tract is not good, several kinds of diseases affect the intestines and such diseases are as enteric fever, duodenitis, typhoid, incomplete absorption and syndrome.   

Symptoms of this disease:

  • There is an inflammation in the portion of duodenitis in the intestine of the patient.
  • In this disease, the patient suffers from retching, flatulence, gastritis, pain a little above of the naval in the left side and inflammation.  
  • The patient of this disease feels nervousness after taking the meal.
  • The meal taken by the patient is not digested properly in his disease. 
  • The patient suffers from vomiting and the digested meal comes out. There can be a little blood with the stool.

Cause of this disease:

  • If there is swelling in the mucus lining, a part of duodenitis of the intestines, a person becomes the victim of this disease.
  • Use of medicines more than need may be the cause of this disease. Mental tensions and physical exhaustion are the other causes of this disease.
  • Excessive smoking, drinking and use of intoxicating substances may be the cause of duodenitis.  

Natural treatment in the case of this disease:

  • In the beginning, the patient should try to reform his blood circulation system. For it, the patient should keep a wet sheet pack or pack of soil on his stomach.
  • The patient should take hip bath for at least twenty minutes and he should do some exercises which are able in increasing the capacity of muscles of digestion system. For it, he should keep fast once a week and he should drink water on large scale.
  • The patient should adopt enema with cold water regularly for cleansing the stomach.
  • The patient of this disease should use a wet sheet pack with cold and hot water. Thereafter, he should use gastro-hepatic pack. The patient gets quick relief in the pain by its use.  
  • The patient gets lots of relief if he uses wet sheet pack on the stomach before sleeping. 
  • The patient of this disease should not take spicy and stimulating food stuffs.