Long, ripen and shiny neck of a woman like pitcher is considered the symbol of beauty. Generally, neck is god gifted but a little care, exercise and good ways of sitting and standing can make neck of woman more beautiful than before.   


         Marks start to appear on the neck as a woman grows. Black wrinkled and rough neck appears ugly. So, lots of attention should be paid on the cleanliness of neck. Beautiful neck makes a face very beautiful.


  • Neck should be cleansed with cleansing milk at night. Thereafter, a little cream should be applied on the neck and it should be massaged upwardly on the neck.
  • If there are wrinkles on the neck, rub a ripen banana and mix a little honey and yolk of an egg and one spoon lemon juice. Apply this pack on the neck twice a week. A new glow comes on the face after disappearing wrinkles from the face because of using this pack.
  • Mix one orange juice in one glass of water and boil this water. Thereafter, fill it into a bottle after filtering. Apply this water on the neck and face properly. This makes neck and face soft and shiny.
  • If your neck is too long and thin and appears strange in appearance, you should apply dark foundation than the skin complexion
  • Apply light highlighter on the fat nose after applying simple foundation on the neck. Long necked clothes should be put on if neck is long. If big necked clothes are put on, the neck appears too long, you should not make high braid or ponytail. Deep necked clothes should be put on if neck is tiny or fat. Ponytail should be high. High braid makes the neck of a woman too long.