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Weight of new born baby-

        Normally, little weight of baby decreases in the beginning after birth. For a week, the weight remains same as the baby has at the time of birth. After that, about 30 g weight of a healthy child increases regularly, but it is possible only when the baby starts sucking in a normal way. 


        After birth, the temperature of new born baby is started to decrease. This is the reason why the baby should be kept warm for maintaining his/her body temperature.


        Many children are suffered from jaundice after birth. There are three types of jaundice-

Physiological jaundice-

        It means jaundice by physical activity. This type of jaundice is occurred a new born baby just after taking birth. Next day, the symptoms are started to appear on the body of baby, but these types of symptoms are started to decrease up to seventh day. This type of jaundice occurs due to presence of R.B.C. in additional quantity in the blood of the baby. In the beginning, there is no need of such extra quantity of R.B.C. for a new born baby. As a result of it, R.B.C. is started to break or destroy and is being gathered beneath the skin in the form of bilirubin, resulting baby’s body appears as yellow. It is called jaundice occurring due to physical function. For the treatment of this jaundice, exposing the baby to morning sunlight proves very beneficial, because morning sunlight has ultraviolet rays. This type of jaundice occurs mostly in those babies who have to encourage for birth. By encouraging for birth, uterine pressure is become high and additional R.B.C. comes in blood and causes this type of jaundice.       

        By drinking mother’s milk having colostrums after taking birth, baby excretes out yellowish green stools. This stool has bilirubin. In this way, bilirubin comes out along with stools and the baby is become free from jaundice. If mother does not feed her baby with her milk having colostrums, the baby does not excrete and this bilirubin again goes into his/her blood. In this way, mother’s milk plays an important role in ending physiological jaundice. Giving additional water to the baby is also beneficial in this jaundice.    

        If the blood of the new born baby is diagnosed at this time, this type of jaundice will be maximum 10 mg/100 ml.

Abnormal jaundice-

        When baby’s blood does not matched with her mother’s blood and is different, jaundice starts occurring with no time in the baby. It is very harmful and should be treated immediately otherwise it may harm the baby. The brain of the baby starts affected by it and he/she is gone in coma. The blood of such baby has to change immediately. In this case too, mother can feed her baby with her breasts. In this case, the baby should be admitted in a furnished hospital where all types of facilities are available.  

Jaundice and mother’s milk-

        In case of such jaundice, the baby is recovered but after a week of going to home, the symptoms of such jaundice again start to appear in baby. It is because of mother’s milk. In case of such jaundice too, serum belisabin is increased up to 20 mg/10 ml, but it is not too harmful, because blood circulation in baby’s brain has become normal. All types of jaundices should be treated without wasting time and carefully.

        In case of decreasing sugar level in baby’s blood or due to taking additional medicines by mother too, jaundice may occur in baby.   

        Giving water in additional volume, sunlight, photo therapy in the condition of jaundice proves beneficial for the baby. However, mother should need to be careful about this disease; should go on taking advice of a doctor time-to-time and should go on testing blood.

  • If mother is suffered from T.B., cancer, or fits attacks or if she takes such drug that may harm the baby, she should need to avoid feeding her baby with her milk.
  • If mother is suffered from cold, catarrh or fever, she should need to be careful about it that this disease would not be transmitted to her baby.
  • As much healthy woman feeds her baby as baby is safe from diseases. In this way, the baby gets diseases resistant ability by itself.   
  • If mother take drugs for sleep, medicines for thyroid or loose motions, baby too feels sleepy. In this case, she should need to avoid feeding her baby with her breasts.  
  • If mother wants to leave feeding her baby, doing it gradually is better.
  • The baby fed with bottle milk may be flabby and heavy, but the baby fed by mother’s milk is naughty and active.
  • Mothers can be divided in to three categories on the basis of her work-
  • First, house wife who always lives with her baby and may feed her baby any time.  
  • Second, working woman who works outside for 7-8 hours. She may go to her work after feeding her baby two times in the morning. During day time, the baby can be fed with bottle milk and after coming back, she can feed her baby with her breasts.
  • Third, long working woman like- doctor, air-hostess or one who go on long tour. Such women are not able to feed her baby, so bottle milk is the only one option for them.  
  • If mother is suffering from any disease like- breasts disease, crackle nipple or skin disease, etc., the baby can be fed with bottle milk.
  • May women have confusion that breasts are hanged after becoming loose by feeding and her body shape is affected, but it is absolutely wrong. In fact, the beauty of female body increases by feeding. 
  • Any type of allergy does not take place in baby by mother’s milk and the baby is remain safe from minor diseases like- cough, catarrh, loose motions, breathing disease, skin diseases, etc.
  • Mother’s milk is always ready for baby. It has neither to warm nor to add any sweet substance in it. This milk keeps the baby away from all types of diseases. It is easily digestible and very beneficial. 
  • Bottle milk may be responsible for loose motions, fever, etc. in baby because of not being pure and boiled properly. Before giving bottle milk, its temperature must be checked carefully. Hot milk may burn baby’s mouth.
  • Milk powder can also be given to the baby. A spoon of milk powder should be added in 25 g of water. Too diluted milk does not allow baby’s weight and too concentrated milk is harmful for him/her. Mineral is increased in baby’s blood by concentrated milk resulting constipation, lack of water and other diseases start occurring in baby.
  • Use milk powder of only one brand so that his/her stomach would remain well.
  • Giving milk left by baby again after boiling is harmful.
  • Cow’s milk has motherhood. Buffalo’s milk has too much fat. Cow’s milk is very light and easily digestible. Cow’s milk has protein more than mother’s milk. Over quantity of protein generates additional nitrogen in the body. It weakens baby’s kidneys. This is the reason why cow’s milk should be given to baby after adding 25% water in it so that protein, sodium and nitrogen present in it would become light and baby’s kidneys would be affected.
  • Mother’s milk is sweeter than cow’s milk, because mother’s milk has enough lactose.


        After birth, a soft triangular eruption is present on the front and back part of baby’s head, called crown. This part, having no any bone, is covered with only a soft membrane and skin and which takes about 9-18 months for being filled up.

Birth mark-

        After birth, small and red mark are present on baby’s eyelids, forehead, hand and other parts of his/her body. These marks are disappeared gradually within a year.

Blue spots-

        Deep blue spot is present on the lower end of baby’s back. This spot is disappeared too by itself within 1 to 1.5 years.


        The baby should sleep for minimum 18 to 20 hours up to six months after birth.

Crying (weeping)-

        Baby cries only when he/she feels hungry, wetted, suffers from cold, catarrh, gastric or stomachache, etc. in such situation, baby should never be left as alone for long time and should go on taking advice from a doctor time-to-time.


        Normally, new born baby should have to excrete within 24 hours after birth. First stool of baby is black and oily. After that, it is converted in greenish black. After 3-4 days, its color is turned in to yellow. Baby should be allowed to excrete 3-4 times daily. After 6 months, baby should be allowed to excrete only two times a day.


        It is very necessary for new born baby to urinate within 36 hours after birth otherwise doctor should be informed.


        Sometimes swelling may take place in the chest of baby and drop of milk may come out. It is because of mother’s stimulated fluid. This type of swelling is disappeared by itself within few weeks. It should neither be pressed down nor be massaged. Due to just this stimulated fluid, few marks of blood can be seen on the vaginal opening in female child that is disappeared by itself gradually.


        After birth of male child, age of this baby in womb can be estimated by the shape of testicle. The testicle of premature baby is smaller in shape. It is black or brown in appearance.

Bathing of new born baby-

        When navel is attached with the baby, navel is not dry after falling of it or khatna has done after birth, etc., bathing the baby with lukewarm water is best. It is not necessary to use lukewarm water daily for bath. It is necessary to keep the face, urinary opening and anus of baby dry after cleaning.

        In case of giving bath in a tub, water level should be maintained in the tub in such a way that it reaches to the waist of baby. While giving bath, the baby should never be made as inverse in a tub or the baby should not b left as alone in a tub. Bath should be given to the baby for little time only and do not use soap. Baby’s neck, turns of hands and legs should be kept extra clean. Even perfume should not be used after giving bath. 

Cleanness of baby’s eyes and ears-

        Water should be allowed to enter inside baby’s ears while bath. So, put cotton buds in both the ears while giving bath. After bath, remove out both the buds and allow the ears to dry. Any type of oil should never be used in ears. Soaked cotton in lukewarm water and then baby’s eyes should be cleaned.

Cleanness of anus-

        After excretion, baby’s anus should be cleaned with lukewarm water or cotton and wipe it with a piece of clean cotton cloth to dry. Vaseline or cream should be used once in a week. Over use of diaper or remaining the anus as wet for long time is harmful for baby’s skin.     

Other acknowledgments related to baby-                               

























Milk in gram









Deep green

Deep green


Yellowish green

Yellowish green

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Condition of navel

Will be attached

Will be attached

Will be attached

Will be attached

Will be attached

Will be fallen down



        Milk teeth are only 20 in number- 10 in upper jaw and 10 in lower jaw. Teething (dentition) depends on baby’s health, family and country. In India, teeth of healthy child come out within 7-9 months and it takes about 8-11 months in weak children.

Birth wound and physical defects-

        Sometimes, wound is appeared on baby’s head or face while birth. Sometimes, few wounds are become too serious. Minor wounds are being healed within few days only and few of them take long time in it. Minor scratching marks on face, operation marks, etc. can appear.

Facial paralysis-

        The seventh vein of body, called facial veins, comes to the face passing through the rear of ear. Sometimes, this vein is pressed while birth through apparatus. The side where this vein is pressed causes paralysis of that side of face. But, it is recovered by itself gradually within few days.   


        This condition is occurred due to coming stretch or getting hurt in brachial palaxix. As a result of it, baby’s hand starts paining and movement of hands and legs is ended completely. Hands are hanged parallel to body and palms are turned outwards. It is mainly due to becoming the baby big or stretching of neck while birth. About 95% children recover his normal condition. 


        Blood is come in baby’s eyes due to pressing of veins in normal birth or birth through apparatus. In this case, few red marks can be seen in the white part of eyes. These marks are also disappeared by their selves along with passing time.

Blood clotting in brain-

        It is found mainly in weak child, premature born baby or baby born through apparatus. It is occurred mainly due to coming out blood from any small veins of brain. It may be very harmful for baby. In case of premature birth or birth of weak child, few doctors believe that birth is better through apparatus, because they fear that any fault may be left in brain due to normal birth.

Fracture (breaking of bones)-

        Bones of new born baby are very soft. In many cases, bones of hands, legs and shoulder are fractured too while birth. In such condition, there is no need of any bandage or plaster. These fractured bones are fixed by their selves. Sometimes, bones of baby’s head are also fractured due to careless while birth. But, in this modern time, as much carefulness is followed while delivery as it does not happen. 



Name of vaccine

At the time of birth


At the time of birth

B.C.G. and two drops of polio.

In second month

Polio, D.P.T., HIV and hepatitis-B

In third month

Polio and D.P.T.

In fourth month

Polio, D.P.T. and HIV

In fifth month

Two drops of polio

In sixth month

Hepatitis and HIV.

In ninth month


In twelfth month

Chicken pox and hepatitis-A

In fifteenth month


In eighteenth month

Polio, D.P.T., HIV. and hepatitis-A

in second year


In between 3-4 year

Polio, D.P.T., hepatitis-B

In between 5-7 year

Polio, D.P.T. and typhoid

in between 8-10 year


Role of husband during pregnancy period-

        In this modern time too, elders are respected in our society and country. Daughter-in-law and daughter give respect to elders. This is the reason why fair sexes keep their serious disorders related to pregnancy period as hidden and do not tell about them to anyone.

        In this modern time, the people get all types of information through books, news papers, television, radio, etc. fair sexes should not need to keep secret the disorders occurring while pregnancy period from other family members. Rest, diet, exercise, medical diagnosis, etc. have their own importance during pregnancy period. Both husband and wife should have complete information of pregnancy and other things.     

        It is very important and necessary for husband to live near his wife during pregnancy period. As a result of it, wife can tell all her problems to him without any hesitation. As a result of it, fair sexes get relief physically and mentally.    

        Sometimes, pregnant thinks about her pregnancy as well as its results, pain and other family problems related to it during her pregnancy period. As a result of it, she is become eager. In this situation, the role of husband is very important. If husband lives far away from his house, he should have the information about pregnancy of his wife and delivery time so that he could come there on time.  

        Balanced diet, complete rest, clothing, life style, medical diagnosis, full arrangements of delivery, arrangement in house or hospital, carrying the pregnant to a hospital on time, delivery through normal apparatus in hospital or give permission for operation, etc. all are the work of husband. 

Happiness of becoming father-

        As soon as husband knows that he is about to become a father, his own responsibilities are increased. In this situation, knowing about his child time-to-time, looking his child, talking about the face and body of his child, care of his wife, careful about her happiness and comforts as well as caring of his relatives, etc. are his main responsibilities.

        Caring about the relation of family members and children, their thoughts and behaviors, etc. are the responsibility of only his husband.

         After birth, husband should need to be careful about his child at night so that mother could get enough time to take rest. By caring about small things like- bringing milk, clothes, etc. for child time-to-time, family harmonies remain maintain.    

Future of child-

        The affects of different types of minor but important things like- education of parents, reciprocal understanding of their feelings, their loving behavior, respect for each other, co-operation of each other in joy and sorrow, forgetting small things of house and society, good and bad habits of life, good company, donation, relation with society, family relation, relation with other children, sources of income, earning of true hard work, diet, thought, ideas, etc. fall greatly on small children of family.

        Thus, parents must be careful about bright future of their children otherwise children learn bad habits and can make their life dark.   

Behavior of other family children for new born baby-

        After birth of new baby, parents and other family members are engaged in caring that baby by avoiding other family children. In this situation, first other family children get surprise and later feel sad.  

        After birth of new baby, changed behavior of family members, many gifts, toys or flower given to that baby, holding that baby in arms, etc. all effect other family children badly. As a result of it, feeling of jealousy for that new baby and other family members start appearing in the mind of those children gradually.       

        For avoiding such situation, parents should need to understand the feeling and behavior of their other children. After becoming pregnant, mother should need to start asking her other children that what they want i.e. brother or sister for playing with and which type of game will you play with him/her, etc. as a result of it, big children feels sympathy for that coming baby. Gifts and toys gotten by new baby should be given to big children and convince them to play with their new brother or sister.     

        Parents should need to convince their big children with full preparation. While going to hospital for delivery, other big children should be convinced that we are going to bring a small brother or sister for them. It generates feeling of faith in them.    

        After birth of new baby, if mother has to stay in hospital for few days, other big children must be allowed to meet that new baby. At first meeting, we can notice the thinking and behavior of big children for that new baby. In this way, big children can be taken in faith gradually. Behavior, language and thought of parents and other family members must be fair for big children. It develops harmony and happy environment in the family.