Caloric value of food

 Caloric value of food

Caloric value of food:

          The value of any food stuff can be known on the base of the energy which originates after its oxidation. Energy is measured in calories. One calorie is that quantity of energy which is essential to increase one degree temperature of one liter water. Calorie means kcal which is equal to 1000 calories. 

The value of each foodstuff is different as mentioned below.

The heat produced by the one gram protein                -        4 calorie

The heat produced by the one gram carbohydrate      -        4 calorie

The heat produced by the one gram fat                        -        9 calorie

The need of calorie:

People who do hard labor viz for the labourer              -        35 calories

For the people who take rest                                         -        2500

At the time of rest                                                           -        1800 calories

For the patient who keep on lying on the body             -        12 calories. 

         The children and growing young one needs much calories comparison to adult. Above mentioned calories are only imaginary. Calories of a person depend on the weight, age, business, climate, health and sustenance of a person.

         Calorie which is gained by the meal save a person from loosing weight and it keeps the body temperature in control and stable. It makes the cells, tissues, glands and organs.