Other disease of the reproductive organs



Several other kinds of diseases related to genitals occur. Such diseases are as swelling of the testicles, itching on the foreskin of the penis, ripping of the prepuce of the penis, swelling on the penis, redness on the penis, pimples on the penis, moles on the penis and syphilis.

Use of different drugs in diseases:-

1. Rhus-tox- If itching or burning sensation takes place on the glens penis, taking Rhus-tox 6 is very useful.

2. Merc-cor- If the symptoms of crackling or tearing are found on the glens penis, taking Merc-cor is very useful.

3. Cannabis- If the patient feels swelling, redness, warmth, etc. on his penis, taking Cannabis 3x is very effective.

4. Nitric-acid- With swelling in the mucus membrane of the glens penis, pus will start to come out. Thus, taking Nitric-acid 6 is very useful. It should be used to remove itching, burning sensation and eruptions on the penis.

5. Colocynth- If the covering skin of the glens penis becomes unable to cover it, Colocynth 6 should be used to cure such symptoms.

6. Pulsatilla- In the condition of secreting yellow pus below the glens penis, Pulsatilla 3 should be taken.

7. Thuja- In the condition of warts or eruptions appearing on the penis, Thuja 30 is used.

8. Platina- If a woman feels violent desire for sexual intercourse and she tries to calm down her desire by unnatural way, Platina 6 should be used to remove her excitement. It calm down fast excitement and ends other troubles too.

9. Cantharis- To calm down sexual excitement by hand or by other unnatural way is called masturbation. If this type of habit is found in a male, he should take Cantharis 1x or 6.

10. Mezoren- If a person becomes the habitual of masturbation, he should take Origanum Mezoren 3. This drug should be taken before eating food.

11. Phosphorus- In disease, occurred by masturbation, any potency between Phosphorus 6 to 200 can be used. For this purpose, Sulphur 12 or Acid-phos 1 to 30 can be used too.

12. Picric acid- If a male has excessive desire for sexual intercourse, Picric acid 6 should be taken.

13. Platilla- If a woman has excessive desire for sexual intercourse and she tries to calm down her excitement by a wrong way, she should take Platilla 6 to 200.

14. Acid-phos- If a person remains unsatisfied with sexual intercourse due to the weakness of the reproductive organs and becomes the victim of other disease, he should take Acid-phos 1 to 6.

15. Graphitis or Amon-carb- If a woman has no desire for sexual intercourse and does not want to involve in sexual intercourse, Amon-carb 3x or Graphitis 6 should be taken.

16. Jelsimium- Jelsimium 1x or 3 should be used in the weakness of the penis.

17. Sewal-seroolata- If the penis has become loose due to over masturbation and is not able to become rigid (straight) at the time of sexual intercourse, 5 to 8 drops of the mother tincture of this drug should be taken twice a day. This drug can be also used to remove weakness due to excessive masturbation.

18. Calce-carb- If a person has no desire for sexual intercourse and has been suffering from early emission, he should take Calce-carb 6.

19. Jells- In the condition of becoming unable to involve in sexual intercourse and becoming the penis loose at the time of sexual intercourse, taking the mother tincture of this drug is very effective. It enhances the ability of sexual intercourse.

20. Acid-nitric- To remove inability for sexual intercourse coming due to involving excessive in sexual intercourse, taking Lyco 30 is very useful. In this disease, Acid-nitric 6 to 200 can be used.

Other treatment with the use of different drugs:-

In the condition of itching or burning sensation on the skin of the glens penis, first of all, the obsessed section (area) should be washed with lukewarm water and soap and then it should be treated with drugs.