Ovarian dropsy



In our body, blood presents in a liquid form. When blood is congealed, its liquid and solid parts are separated. The liquid part is called ‘Sacrum’. When this sacrum is congested (accumulated) in the ovary, it causes swelling in it. the stomach of the suffered woman is swelled (enlarge), feels pain and weight (heaviness) in the area of the ovary, feels breathing impairment, urinary diseases also occur, the supply of milk to the breasts is stopped (blocked).  


When this disease occurs in a woman, she feels heaviness (weight) on her ovary, swelling comes in her stomach and troubles related to urine, stool and breath start to occur, milk starts to collect in the breasts and several types of other symptoms also occur.

Use of different drugs in the case of ovarian dropsy:-


If a suffered woman feels violent pain in the right part of her ovary as if an insect bites, the stomach is swelled, does not feel thirst, urine comes out in little volume, the chest becomes heavy, feels breathing impairment, and coughing haltingly, etc., Apis 3 should be taken in such symptoms.    


This drug acts better on the right section of the ovary. If the ovary gets swelling due to congestion of blood in it, the breasts is dried up, feels pain in the ovary that is moved up to the uterus, etc., Iodum 3 should be used to cure such symptoms of the fair sexes.


To end the swelling of the ovary, different drugs like- Auram-mur-Natronet 3x, Lacke 6, Sikeli 3, Zincum 6, Graphitis 6, Ars 6, the trituration of Kalli-brome 1x or Platina 30 should be used.