Peaceful bathe


Technique of peaceful bath-

          This bath is taken after sitting in relaxed position, so it is called peaceful bath. For this bathe, sit in the chair first and thereafter use the shower tap in which warm water may come out or such type of pot should be used for this bath from which water may come out like showers. Now fill lukewarm water in that pot and pour it on the head slowly. The head becomes calm and happy by pouring water with this technique. The person, who does mentally work, should do this bath because it purifies the brain and ends laziness.

           After completing the practice with warm water, the practice of pouring cold water on the head should be done in the form of fountain. The skin remains cold first by pouring cold water on the head and after sometime, warmth originates in the head. Thus, the mind and brain are calm and healthy by originating warmth after feeling cold. This activity increases eyesight and makes hair root strong. This bath should be taken in a closed room so that the body does not face any harm due to fast air after pouring cold water.

        Freshness originates in the whole body and blood circulation becomes fast by this bath. Pores of the skin get opened and internal dirt comes out from the body after this bath. The brain remains calm too.