Penis troubles



A prostate gland is found in male that surrounds the neck of the urinary bladder through which, urethra passes. A tube is connected with the bladder that carries urine from the bladder to the penis. In men, troubles related to the prostate gland starts after 50 years that are as follow- enlargement of the prostate gland, inflammation or cancer of the prostate gland.


The chief reason of enlarging the prostate gland is being imbalance in hormones. It also occurred due to becoming over aged, inflammation and burning sensation in the gland, bacterial infection, etc. This disease can occur too due to forming stone in urethra, retention of urine, infection while copulation, cancer of the gland, hereditary reasons, disordering of the hormones, sex related diseases, etc.


Enlargement of the testicles, urination unknowingly, suppression of urine for a while and then starts again, slow urination, incomplete urination even after applying force, frequent urination in the night, urination in red colour, etc. are the symptoms of this disease. Burning sensation in the ureter, fever, shivering, pain in the prostate gland, slight pain in the lower section (area) of the waist, feeling pain while urination, pain in the penis and in the reproductive organs, coming red urine with offensive smell, etc. symptoms are also found in the patient. Mostly, symptoms like- cancer, feeling a hard gland below the stomach, urination haltingly, frequent urination, urethral infection, less physical weight, lack of blood (anemia), inflammation of the bladder, etc. are found in this disease.

Burning, itching sensation and eruptions on the penis:-

1. Coca and cocaine- If the patient feels as if his penis is not present on its place, giving Coca 3 or Cocaine to him is very effective.

2. Kreosote- Feeling burning sensation in the penis while sexual intercourse, swelled in the next morning, etc. symptoms are found in the patient, Kreosote 3 to 30 should be taken.

3. Magnesia mur- If the patient suffering from burning sensation in his penis feels frequent excitement of the penis in the morning, Magnesia mur 30 or 200 should be used.

4. Pariyara- This drug acts better on the urinary system. The glens penis pains, itching sensation takes place near reproductive organs and the ureter gets swelling. Thus, Pariyara 3 should be taken to end such symptoms of the patient.

5. Agnus cactus or Lycopodium- If the patient feels as if his sexual power has lost or the penis does excite at the time of copulation, Agnus cactus 6 or + 30 is used.

6. Graphitis- In the case of eruptions like herpes on the reproductive organs, Graphitis 30 should be taken.

7. Croton tig- If eruptions appear on the reproductive organs with fast sensation of itching and burning, Croton tig 6 or 30 should be used to remove such symptoms of the patient.

8. Causticum- In the condition of feeling itching sensation on the reproductive organs, taking Causticum 3 to 30 is benefited.

The pain of the reproductive organs:-

1. Ignatia- If the patient feels pain in his reproductive organs while coughing, using Ignatia 30 or 200 is very effective.

2. Digitalis- In the condition of feeling pain in the reproductive organs after emission, Digitalis 3 to 30 can be used.

3. Capsicum- In the case of gonorrhea, if the patient feels pain and excitement in his reproductive organs, Capsicum 3 to 6 is used.

4. Nux-vomica- In the condition of pain with the excitement of the penis in the morning, taking Nux-vomica 30 is very useful.

5. Kalli-carb- To remove over weakness and pain of the penis coming due to delay emission, Kalli-carb 6x or 30 should be used.

The habit of stretching penis in the children:-

1. Merc-sol- If a child goes on stretching his penis, giving Merc-sol 30 is very useful of him.

2. Cantharis- If Merc-sol is failed, Cantharis 30 should be used for same purpose.

Small penis:-

1. Noopher Lutium-  If the patient has no desire for sexual intercourse, looseness of the penis, emission unknowingly while excretion or urination, secretion with prostate gland, feeling pain in the glens penis or in the testicles, etc., 3 to 6 potency of this drug should be used in such symptoms.

2. Ignatia- In the case of small penis, take Ignatia 30.  

3. Lycopodium- If the penis has become small due to masturbation, taking Lycopodium 30 is beneficial.

4. Agnus cactus- In the condition of loose penis, taking 6 potency of this drug is very useful.

Fixing the covering skin of the glens penis:-

1. Merc-iodide- If a person has the complaint of such symptom, he should take Merc-iodide 2x.

2. Nitric-acid- If the covering skin of the glens penis is fixed due to inflammation of the top area of the penis, Nitric-acid 6 should be taken.

3. Sulphur-  If pus starts to form with fixing this covering skin, taking Sulphur 30 is very useful.

4. Hepar-sulphur- If the patient feels throbbing pain in his penis with the formation of pus, Hepar-sulphur should be used for its treatment.

Swelling of the glens penis:-

1. Graphitis- In the case of swelling of the glens penis and forming blisters on the penis, using Graphitis 30 is very effective.

2. Rhus-tox- If the glens penis becomes red after swelling with pain in it, Rhus-tox 30 should be used for its treatment.

3. Sinneberis- If the covering skin of the glens penis gets swell, warts  appear on it with bleeding or if the testicles get enlarge, etc., using Sinneberis 3x is very effective.

Itching sensation on the penis skin:-

1. Sinneberis-If itching sensation takes place on the pens skin, using Sinneberis 3x is beneficial.

2. Rhus-tox- If the patient feels itching sensation on his penis and when he scratches, it becomes excited, Rhus-tox 30 should be taken.