Pneumonia is an inflammable disease of the lungs and it is of two types-

1. Bronchopneumonia-

        It is also known as bronchial Pneumonia (the inflammation of the bronchi and lobes). In this disease, the small lobes of the lungs are being affected. It occurs mostly in 2 years old children. In this disease, symptoms like measles, whooping cough or influenza, etc. are occurred in the patient. The patient is suffered from fever up to 390C and dry cough. In addition to them, the patient feels mild pain in his/her chest and difficulty in breathing.   

2. Lobar Pneumonia-

         It is known as the inflammation of lobules and pleura. In this disease, the patient feels pain on both the sides of chest and has to suffer from severe fever, cough, phlegm like rust, facial redness, vomiting, shivering of the body due to cold and fast pulse rate.


        There can be several reasons of bronchopneumonia like-malnutrition, over weakness or exposing with cold, etc.

        Lobar pneumonia occurs due to burning sensation in the entire lobes or parts of the lungs and due to it; the air sacs are become tough due to filling thick fluid inside them.

Treatment of this disease through magneto therapy-

        A powerful magnet should be used on the patient’s palms twice a day and magnetized water should be given to him/her for drinking twice a day as a dose of medicine. Red oil or South Pole oil should be massaged on the patient’s chest. It is very helpful in eliminating pain.

Other treatment-

        The patient should take liquids substances, eggs, milk, meat soup and semi liquids substance in his/her diet. He/she should take enough rest in this disease and should sleep by keeping a high pillow under his/her head. He/she should not lie down straightly all the time.