Pre-Mature Birth


What is pre mature birth:

       When baby takes birth before 37 weeks, it is called pre-mature birth. In early time, it was believed that if the weight of newly born child is about 2.5 kg or less at the time of birth, it is called premature birth, but today if the weight of baby is about 2.5 kg before birth and if pregnancy period is less than 37 weeks, it is called premature birth.   

          Sometimes, it is also seen that the child of 38 weeks are of about 2.5 kg only and the child of 36 weeks are of more than 2.5 kg.

        Premature birth takes place due to defects either in the body of mother or baby, example- lack of nutritive diet during pregnancy, economical problems, worry, family problems, being careless about health during pregnancy period, deficiency of blood in the body, being pregnant in early age, gap between two children, smoking, habit of taking intoxicants materials, additional bleeding after laboring in weak women, having birth of two or more children, labour pain as well as gynecological diseases like- jaundice, severe fever, typhoid, measles, tumors in the uterus, etc. premature birth may take place also due to any diseases of urinary bladder, getting hurt in during pregnancy period, bursting of amniotic bag or any type of disease in her uterus, etc.     

        Sometimes, it is also seen that amniotic bag is in proper condition however premature birth may take place due to becoming the mouth of uterus as 3 cm wide. If it is wide less than 3 cm, premature can be controlled by giving few particular types of medicines. Sometimes, any type of medicines may be also the responsible for premature birth.

        The lungs of pre-matured child are not fully developed. The body of such child has no as much ability as it could expand the lungs by taking breath by itself. That’s why the child feels difficult in breathing and is died due to it. Such type of child is admitted in hospital just after taking birth for giving oxygen artificially through instruments.     

        The head bones of pre-matured child are not fully developed and are left as soft. So, getting hurt or jerk in the head of such child at the time of taking birth may be harmful for the child. Even using different types of devices at the time of birth may also be harmful for such child. The child may get hurt in the brain by doing much effort while labor and may be possible to do operation (cut) of vagina. While unconsciousness too, we should need to be careful about the heartbeats and weak breath. Sometimes, operation may be needed for the birth of such child who is in reverse position.      

        The pre-matured child is in red appearance, lines present on the body skin, extra hairs on the face and body, weak and small bones of the body and head, small and closed eyes, small genitals, debility in sucking milk from breasts, unable to maintain body temperature, becoming the body cold again and again, less crying, and the breathing ability is become weak due to these reasons, because the lungs of such child are not fully developed. The breathing muscles of such child are weak. The child remains suffered from different diseases due to weakness. Due to body weakness, such child sleeps for longer time.