Precaution during treatment with acupressure treatment system


Any of the treatment system provides benefits when the diseases are treated properly by that treatment system. So, few precautions should be followed during acupressure treatment and then only the patient can get its full benefits.  

Precaution during treatment of the disease by acupressure treatment system-

  • The nails of fingers and toes should be cut before giving pressure.
  • For being healthy, pressure should be given regularly on the acupoints of hands and feet.
  • For the treatment of the diseases by acupressure treatment system, it is also important to take balanced diet. So, protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, etc. should be taken everyday in an appropriate quantity.
  • During treatment of the diseases by acupressure treatment system, the patient must sit in a clean and air place.              
  • The body should be made loose during giving pressure on the acupoints and should avoid anger and worry.                  
  • If the patient walks in morning along with giving pressure, his disease is cured soon.
  • Get free from daily routine activity (toilet) in the morning before giving pressure on the acupoints.      
  • The gap of an hour should be given between eating and pressure.
  • During treatment, the patient should not be allowed to take fatty, oily and spicy food stuffs.
  • The patient should be careful that any type of diet related diseases like- constipation, gas, etc. did not able to occur during treatment.
  • With acupressure treatment, other precaution should be also taken. For example- during the treatment of backache, he should take proper rest. During the treatment of jaundice, he should avoid fatty-oily eatables and take eatables having carbohydrates abundantly.  
  • Diseases like- pregnancy related diseases; fracture, communicable (infectious) diseases, cancer, etc. should be treated through acupressure treatment system, because it is not beneficial in such cases. For the treatment of such diseases, the patient should consult an expert doctor and take treatment according to him.
  • Uterus cancer and intestinal obstruction should not be treated through acupressure treatment system.
  • Tooth break should not be treated through acupressure treatment system, because new tooth can not be grown through this treatment.
  • Before giving pressure on the acupoints, powder should be sprinkled on these points, because it is helpful in proper pressuring,
  • Urination, excretion and fever do not able to come during acupressure treatment system.
  • For the treatment of complex and incurable diseases through acupressure treatment system, take advice from an expert acupressure doctor, because he has proper experiences to treat such diseases and he can treat the diseases well.