Rape means a deed that has been done forcibly. This word can be used anywhere but it is used only when someone makes sexual relation with a woman forcibly against her desire.


Rape means a deed which is done forcibly. This word can be used anywhere but it is used only when someone establishes sexual relations with a woman forcibly against her desire. When a woman makes sexual relation according to her wish, consent and support with a man or she allows a man to establish sexual relation, it is called sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse means equal sexual pleasure that is taken both man and woman. Truth is that, as a person needs meal for the satisfaction of stomach hunger in the same way a man needs sexual satisfaction.  

Incidents like rape take place because of the lack of sexual knowledge. If both man and woman have sufficient sex knowledge, they do not cross the boundaries of family and society. They think about their character.    

Rape is an offence in which both the subject and object (man and woman) get equal punishment. Law punishes the rapist if he is arrested. The victim of rape feels her whole life as a punishment. The rapist saves from the punishment with the help of legal proceedings but the victim of rape never gets rid of the punishment imposed on her by wrong doer.  

If an unmarried girl becomes the victim of rape, conditions become more pitiable for her. She does not get marry soon. Rape is an unbearable pain, which keeps on pinching to the victim of rape throughout her life. The victim breaks down mentally. She falls in her own eyes and thinks herself as an impure creature. Many women commit suicide after the incident of rape.

It is an envious face of our society. Mentality of men is responsible behind this wrong deed. A man is responsible for the incident of rape directly. A man remains unaffected after making sexual relation before marriage but he wants an untouched wife after marriage. It is a mentality of a man. He wants to get marry with a girl who has never made sexual relation before marriage with another man.   

A man wants to make first intimacy with a girl who is chaste and pure completely. Imagine who will want to get marry with the victim of rape. Family members along with the boy will never be ready for marriage with the victim of rape. Therefore, the victim has to face and bear everything.    

Young generation is responsible to some extant for those rape cases which take place during adolescence. Mentality has to be changed as time is changing. People are adopting frankness. Having a boyfriend and girlfriend is common in this modern society. College girls feel no hesitation in making friendship and meeting to the boy to prove themselves modren. Sometimes, a girl becomes the victim of rape because of such habits.      

Sometimes, it happens that woman is equally responsible for the incident of rape as a man is. Mentality of people has been changed very much because of the impression of western culture. Here it means to say that more and more people are being affected from western culture. Because of this mentality, young girls have been adopting to the west culture and glamour of the west. They make friendship with men without hesitation. This mentality has been diverting them gradually. Friendship of both man and woman stays on the physical relationship. When they are alone, sexual urge starts to produce in them.  

Rape is a social evil. Some men talk about police and laws to avoid such incidents. Police take action after the incident of rape. The police complete its duty by presenting the guilty in the court. Thereafter, law does its work. Many rapists get free from the punishment with the help of legal proceedings or a rape case keeps on continue for long time. Therefore, we can get rid of this social evil with the help of society and self-alertness.    

Offences never can be stopped fully but they can be reduced to some extant. This thing can be done with the help of a person’s alertness, will-power and quickness. When a person ignores towards these facts, offences increase along with diseases. If the main root of the incidents of rape has been tried to stop, we can overcome on this evil to some extant. 

  • Make an ideal atmosphere in the family. There should be some restrictions in the family. Avoid from vulgarity and rude action. Pay attention on the growing children and observe their behavior. 
  • Do not allow youngsters to wander without aim. Pay attention over their company. 
  • Pay more attention over the small girls. This is the time when none can believe on the other person. Hence, do not send your daughter with someone whether he is familiar or stranger. You should keep a keen eye on your daughter.
  • If a girl goes to play in neighborhood, have a keen eye on her. Try to find out the atmosphere of your neighbors. 
  • If incident of rape takes place in your locality, you should not try to hide such incident. Complain in the police station after knowing the incident of rape. If one guilty saves or he hides himself, he gets encouragement for another offence.
  • Do not allow any stranger to enter into the house. You should get fit a mirror in the gate if it is possible so that the person who is knocking at the gate can be identified.
  • Young girls should be sure after coming out from their homes that none is behind them. Young girls should not walk on lonely places and parks. 
  • Be active and alert. Do not dare to board in the life if you are alone.
  • If a girl is teased at bus, office and in the neighborhood, she should complain in the police station.
  • The girls should learn the art of judo-karate for self-defense.

These are the personal precautions and alertness to avoid from the incidents of rape. The incident of rape takes place suddenly and a woman can avoid from such incidents by using her intellectuality and wisdom. If we become alert towards such incidents or make active to ourselves, we can stop the incidents of rape to some extant.