Sakshi meditation


Technique of practice of this meditation-  

        The practice of this meditation is done in three conditions. In the first condition, the practice of centralizing the mind in the calm, clean and inner soul is done. In the second condition, the mind is stabilized on the breathing activity. In the third condition, when the mind and breath become rhythmic, the mind is concentrated at any place according to desire and internal bad habits are removed.

First condition-

       First, sit in any asana as padma asana, sidhda asana, swastika asana or sukha asana for the practice. Asana should be choosed in which you may sit easily for a long time. Its practice can be done by sitting on a bed or sofa too. There should be a clean and neat flow of fresh air there where you are going to practice of the first condition.

        Now, sit in asana and keep your back, chest, neck and waist straight. Put your both the hands on the knees and close your eyes. Now make your mind free completely viz. let the mind thing with full freedom. If the mind stops on any picture, face, mantra or speculation while thinking, stop it. What type of thoughts or scenes are observed by the mind, keep on observing these ideas with sakshi emotions. Concentrate on such thoughts whether thoughts are good or bad or they belong to future or past or they are related to spiritual or physical. Keep on looking these thoughts by sakshi emotion. In the practice of this meditation, concentrate on the mind’s thoughts wherever the stops.


        The practice of this meditation should be done at least for five minutes and at most for ten minutes. Keep one thing in the brain that any type of external sound should not be considered as obstruction in the practice. Concentrate according to the mind. In this meditation sadhna, the mind is concentrated and stabilized in any condition.


        Suppressed thoughts of the mind disorders, glands and sacraments sprout by sakshi darshan as any metal becomes pure by keeping it in the fire and the mind becomes clean, pure, strong and useful like water.

Second condition-

        The mind is made stabilized on any centre point in this condition of meditation. After making the mind calm, clean and introvert, join the mind with the breathing activity. The mind is stabilized by doing the activity of inhaling and exhaling. In this condition, the mind is leaved free with the breath as water lily leaves it self on the support of the water in the water stream.

        In this activity, the mind is concentrated on the top part of the nose and as the breath reaches in the navel through the nose and breath returns from the nose from the navel as the mind keeps on moving all around. Now concentrate your mind on the navel and imagine that the mind is dangling on the navel, which keeps on going up and down by the breathing activity. In this condition of meditation, the practice of it should be done for at least for five minutes and at least for ten minutes.

        In this practice, demerits of oneself start to appear clearly in the peaceful condition of concentration, meditation and psyche. In the condition of peace, meditation and psyche, taking decision just opposite the mind, demerits of a person become neat and clean by disappearing.   

        In the practice of this meditation, the person should develop good merits in him. Thus, good sacraments start to originate by his positive speculation in the meditation. To end all the problems of the life, the person gets solution of problems by doing meditation of those problems while doing the practice of sakshi meditation. Solution is found by concentrating in peaceful condition. Indian saints and scholars are living their life by finishing all the problems of the life by this meditation sadhna.

Third condition-

      In the third condition of sakshi meditation, a decision is taken for ending self-disorders. Take decision in the mind by concentrating in this condition.

        “I take decision that now I never become angry on the grace of God and I live always calm and cool. Speak three times to each letter looking every word in the mind by closing the eyes.

        “I take decision that I will not feel irritation in the condition of chagrin by God grace. Repeat these words three times in the mind. Look these words in the eyes one by one speaking these words in the mind.

        “I take decision that I will remember good ways and good works even then walking on the bad ways by God grace. After closing the eyes, repeat these resolutions three times and concentrate them.

        “I take resolution that I will keep peace and dare in the opposite conditions because of God’s grace. Concentrate these words three times by closing the eyes.

        “I take resolution that I will tell only truth because of God’s grace and I will tell all the things with sweetness. Repeat these words three times by closing the eyes.

        I take resolution that I will do all the small or big works with good understanding, honesty and responsibility. Repeat these words three times by closing the eyes and concentrate on them in the mind.

        I believe that god is present everywhere, He is omnipotent and He nurtures to this world. The result of good and bad works done by a person is achieved in the world. Repeat these words in the mind three times by closing the eyes.

        “I spend ten percent of my income and four percent of my food for the welfare of human being necessarily in 24 hours. Repeat these words in the mind for three times.

        “I take resolution that for increasing the vitality power by the God grace, I will do the practice of sakshi meditation regularly for increasing and purifying the stability yogik exercise and regular prayanama”. Repeat these words in the mind for three times.

Some other activities while meditation in the third condition-

        Pronunciation of any word can be done according to one’s desire for the meditation. Adoration (jap) of ‘OMKAR’ sound in the practice of meditation should be done.

        In the condition of meditation, adoration (jap) of ‘OM’ with the breathing activity (inhale and exhale) should be done in deep sound- ‘O O O……..M M M…………..

Some rules of the practice of deponent meditation-

  • Do the practice of meditation for at least 30 minutes twice a day. Its practice should be done at 4 or 5 o clock in the morning and at 8 to 10 o clock in the evening because it is very good time and this time is calm and clean because of that the person feel easy in the meditation.
  • Do the practice of this meditation after getting up, evacuation, washing hands and mouth and becoming fresh. The consciousness remains in sleeping condition. By doing the practice of meditation after getting up in the morning, the person enters in the consciousness condition easily. A person does not feels sleep in the meditation practice by cleaning the body completely. Do not take excessive spicy, oily food and sweet substances at night while doing the practice.
  • The illusion of doing mediation in lying condition should not be established. In it, there is a possibility of going into sleep. The adoration (jap) of god can be done in lying condition.  
  • The important asana of the meditation are as- padma asana, sukha asana, sidhda asana and swastika asana. The sidha asana has been considered important for meditation.
  • Sadhna of adoration, service and distribution is necessary with the meditation sadhna.
  • The meditation asana should not be very high. When the consciousness enters in the body, the body becomes loose because of which there is a danger of falling down.
  • The practice of meditation can be done any time twice a day. Keep attention that the person should sit by spreading a bed sheet but the asana (seat) should not be high and hard.
  • You should sit for the practice of meditation in adverse conditions or condition of anger. It cools down the anger.
  • Spinal cord should be kept straight in the meditation. you can put a pillow behind the back in need.
  • Meditation is also very necessary for the students because it helps in increasing understanding capacity, memory power and capacity of remembering anything.
  • If any thought originates in the mind during the practice of meditation, it should be written on the paper because the person gets divine inspiration in meditation.
  • If you suffer from any problem and you find no solution of it, sit in sakshi meditation and wait for solution.