Secretion of gastric juices

 Secretion of gastric juices

          It is a clean, colorless liquid secretion secreted by the mucosa (mucus membrane) of stomach in the response of food. In a normal adult person, more than 1.5 liter gastric juice is being secreted daily. Gastric juice is made up of following substances-

  • Mineral salt, mucus, water.
  • Enzymes- pepsinogan, rennin, lipase.
  • Hydrochloric acid.

In addition to them, Castle’s intrinsic factor is also present in the gastric juice. This factor makes an anti-anemic factor, important for the formation of RBCs, after mixing with vitamin B12

Gastric lipase- It is different from the lipase found in pancreatic juice and also not considered as very powerful. It is very important for children. With the help of it, milk is digested well. This enzyme separates few amount of fat and converts it into glycerin and fatty acid. The complete changing of the fat takes place in small intestine, but few amount of it also takes place in the stomach with the help of lipase.  

Hydrochloric acid- It converts ingested food in the form of acid and also ends the action of tyline enzyme. It kills the bacteria swallowed with food. It converts pepsinogan into pepsin as well as converts sugar into glucose and fructose.