Smell fetid or loss of smelling power


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In this disease, greenish yellow, white, thin or thick fetid like a thread secretion keeps on exuding from the nose. The patient gets lots of trouble. In this case, smelling power of a person gets reduced.

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1.     Merc-sol-


    If yellow or green colored mucus secretes from the nose and it lefts spot after touching on the clothes; fetid pus comes out from the nose; symptoms of disease are aggravated in summer or rainy season. Thus, using Merc-sol 6 or 30 is very effective in such symptoms.
    2.     Kali-bicrome-


      If smelly, concentrated, greenish yellow and thready secretion comes out from the nose; wound is appeared on the layer between both the nostrils; swelling comes inside the nose and the head goes on paining etc., Kali-bicrome 3x or 30 should be taken in such symptoms.
      3.     Mezereum-


        If the nose becomes dry, scratching in the internal part of the nose and the smelling power is decreased etc., Mezereum 6 or 30 should be given to the patient.
        4.     Silicea-


          If smelling power has decreased in the patient, a hole is present in the layer between both the nostrils, the nose is blocked etc., Silicea 6 or 30 should be taken in such symptoms.
          5.     Pulsatilla-


            The smelling power is lost due to swelling of the mucus membrane inside the nose and concentrated secretion begins from the nose. Thus, for the treatment of such symptoms, Pulsatilla 30 should be used.
            6.     Argentums Nitricum-

            Argentums Nitricum-

              If the patient has lost his smelling power due to typhoid, using Argentum Nitricum 3 to 30 is appropriate.
              7. Natrum-mur-


                If concentrated secretion is secreting from the nose with swelling in the membrane inside the nose, treat it with Pulsatilla. If it is failed, Natrum-mur 30 should be used. It will provide relief.
                8. Arum-met-


                  If smelling power has lost due to structure of the nose bone, chronic catarrh or presence of poison of syphilis in the blood etc., Arum-met should be used.
                  9. Lemna minor-

                  Lemna minor-

                    In the condition of boils in the nose, swelling and burning sensation etc., patient does not able to smell anything. Thus, Lemna minor 3 to 30 should be used for the treatment of such symptoms.
                    10. Thuja-


                      Sometimes, the smelling power is also lost due to swelling in the membrane inside the nose. So, taking Thuja is very effective.
                      11. Ammonia mur-

                      Ammonia mur-

                        In the cases of choking nose, coughing and lost the smelling power, using Ammonia-mur 3x is very effective.
                        12. Magnesia-mur-


                          If smelling power has decreased after occurring catarrh or influenza etc., Magnesia-mur 6 should be used.
                          13. Belladonna-


                            If the patient does not able to tolerate even little smell especially the smell of vomiting, taking Belladonna 3 to 30 is very effective.
                            14. Aconite-


                              If the patient feels fetid smell of anything in his nose, using Aconite 30 is beneficial.
                              15. Graphites-


                                If a person does not able to take smell of the flowers or other things, Graphites 30 should be taken.
                                16. Arum-met-


                                  If the patient feels little (light) smell as hard (strong), he should take Arum-met.
                                  17. Carbolic acid-

                                  Carbolic acid-

                                    If the patient does not able to tolerate any type of smell and if he becomes irritable temperament etc., Carbolic acid 3 should be taken.