Some techniques of massage



          There is a famous notion about the sages and saints in our society since ancient time that they used to cure any disease only by touching. Doing so for them was a small thing and this thing is just surely. It is said about Christ that he had cured many patients who had been suffering from incurable disease only by stroking his hand. It is the other room of massage.   

          Many saints and sacred persons used to break by heart so much by seeing the diseases of other persons that they may take their disease on their body. Thus, they used to become patient. For example, Babar had taken all the diseases of Humayun. By doing so, Babar had died after becoming ill and Humayun has got good health. All the saints who are benevolent and had knowledge of reality as well as are doing working for human being, they can get benefit by doing treatment in this way. 

          The more relief will be provided to the patient if the masseur massages the body of a person concentration and hoping for good healthy. The patient will get rid of his disease soon if massage is done in silence. It is the principle of massage. if a person has good ideas in his brain, he can animate a body organ. The masseur provides his strength and feelings and absorbs the warmth of the patient’s body.

          Such kind of self power can be produced by a person in himself. He can pass his life without selfishness by consecrating his life in the feet of god. There is no need to take anything from any one if the masseur wants to work as a social servant in this world. Any person can achieve this thing if he wants to do so. A person fails if the person is selfish.  In this situation, if the patient of such masseur gets rid of any disease, it is psychological not spiritual.

          The patient will get rid of this disease for sometime temporally but not forever. Some people become affected very much and some people remain unaffected in this situation. We have some diseases which are the origin of our mind only or minute symptom of any disease is present. Such minute symptom changes into a chronic disease because of false notion and gets lots of grief whereas the reality is that the condition is quite different.

          Sometimes, a patient becomes nervous by considering a small disease as a fatal disease. The patient fears from his disease. In some such cases, the patient dies. Sometimes, some fatal diseases take birth in the body because of this mental weakness.     

          In the last 60-70 years, a new medical treatment system named hypnotism has taken birth. It is a kind of massage. In this treatment, the patient is cured with the help of ideas by producing psychological impact. It is like the treatment in which a patient is cured by touching the body.

          In the treatment of touch, diseases are cured with the help of self power but such kind of self power is not present in the treatment of hypnotism. Hypnotism shows it power gained naturally. In it, the patient is affected with the help of conversation and by producing artificial lustre in the eyes. A hypnotist enmeshes a patient in his trap.     

          Generally, massage has been accepted by the hypnotism medical system. Al the hypnotists consider massage less important than the hypnotism.

          Of course, hypnotism affects mental state of the patient because of its postures and attraction of its size. The patient starts to thing what the doctor wants. Some patients feel relief but all the patients who have false notions and are weak hearted and coward become affected very much from hypnotism. Courageous, strong and confident people remain unaffected or affect partially from hypnotism. Quite different to hypnotism, massage proves beneficial for all the people.

         Massage provides relief to the patient necessarily whether massage is done with oil or talcum powder or water or by electricity. We can achieve good health and beautiful body by getting rid of all the diseases with the help of massage. It increases the zest in life and the mental condition of the patient become better than the before.

Technique of massage:

          Massaging with the help of fingers’ tip is not good by any way. First, heat oil lightly and apply on the skin of the head by removing some hair. Keep thumbs of both hands on the holes of the back side of neck and stretch finger to the forehead. Thereafter, keep the tips of the fingers on their place and bring thumb to the temple by moving roundly. Thereafter, bring fingers in the middle portion of the head and keep on the temples by moving forwardly. Massage should be done from neck to head.  

  • Entangle fingers crossly and massage by giving light pressure on the head. Thus, massage back side of the head ten times by moving thumbs from up to downwardly.
  • Keep fingers on the head. Give pressure on the head and starts vibrating with the help of hands by loosing arms on the elbows. This formula is the best to increase the circulation of blood
  • Keep palms on the both sides of the head and on the both temples and rub speedily by producing vibration. Mental tension disappears by doing massage in this way.
  • Keep fingers on the head in erect position and move them in the frontal and middle portion of the head.
  • Drench a towel in hot water and wrap on the head after squeezing to open the pores of the hair of the head and to supply oil in the root of hair. To keep the head warm for long time, the patient can wear a plastic cap on the head too.


          Hair becomes healthy and shiny by massaging head regularly. Hair fall and breaking of hair reduces very much.

Massage of eyes:

          Massage eyes roundly from the internal and upper portions of the eyes with light hands. Keep third finger of the hand on the nose and massage by giving light pressure on the both sides of the nose and temple. Skin around the eyes is very sensitive. So, skin of that portion should not be pulled. Massage on the eyebrows by pinching after starting from nose toward eyebrow. Give light contortion on the eyebrows with the help of first finger and thumb.  Tiredness of the eyes vanishes by doing so five times. Scissors massage on the eyebrows ends the tiredness of the eyes.

Massage of mouth, nose and throat:

          Massage face to the forehead by giving light pressure on the both sides of the face with the help of both palms. Give pressure on the face lightly and bring to the edge of hair. Thereafter, lift the hair of the eyebrows by pressing with fingers and bring to the nose and both sides of the mouth. Massage face to the nose by stroking the fingers on the lips, chin, cheeks and sides of mouth. Eyebrows should be stroked with hands. Lustre of the face increases very much by doing such massage.   

Panting massage on the face and forehead:

          It is a light process of massage which is done from the chin to lobe of the ear and from mouth to the ears and forehead. Massage of the face is done with panting.

Full-face brace:

          Keep your fingers of hands on the face in this way so that they cover to the chin to the below side completely. Now, give light pressure on the face and bring the hands towards up.    

Pinching on the chin and cheeks:

          Pinch on the muscles and veins of chin and cheeks and go upwardly by doing so. Thereafter, massage by giving light pressure.

Kiss crossing:

  • Keep your both hands on the both sides of the waist. Thumbs of the both hands should not be on the body but they should be different direction. 
  • Give light pressure on the waist with the help of hands pull upwardly.
  • Keep both hands close together. Now, bring one hands upwardly and massage by bringing another hand towards below. Massage by keeping contraction in the side and touch to the back with light hands. Thus, massage back and below side by stroking hand for some time.   

How to massage with stroking:

          Adopt the technique of stroking at the end of massage. Start it from the middle portion of the forehead and bring to the temples. Thereafter, massage both sides of the neck below the ears, both cheeks through the both sides of the nose and neck roundly while massaging the chin at the time of face massaging. The greasy substance left on the face should be removed properly. Immerse a wad of cotton in astringent or skin tonic and pant on the face. The skin of the face becomes shiny and soft. 

           Steam can be taken after massage. Take steam by bending over a vessel in which hot water mixing with herbs and towel has been filled. If your skin is oily, steamer can be used by you. Pores of the skin open by steaming and filth of the body comes out. Sweat perspires from the body because of high blood pressure and toxin substances come out from the body.

       Massage in beauty parlor on time to time provides lots of relief because beauticians use different kinds of actions for massaging neck, chest, back with the help of hands and electric equipments which cannot be done without any body’s help.