Sore throat



Pain occurs in the throat due to several reasons. Pain occurs due to getting hurt on the throat by anything, scratching in the throat, eating and drinking too hot things even due to swelling in the throat or producing phlegm, etc.  

Sore throat and drugs used in it:-

1. Belladonna- If the patient feels dryness in his throat; the internal part of the mouth shines like a mirror (glass); the opening of the mouth remains swell; tonsils become red after swelling; disease moves especially to the right side and the movement like swallowing anything presents in the patient all the time or has desire for swallowing that thing; the throat feels dryness; sometimes liquid or solid eatables come out from the nose at the time of taking them, because the throat does tolerate the touch of these things; if sore throat occurs due to cough and disease is aggravated suddenly, etc., using Belladonna 3 or 30 is beneficial. With these types of symptoms, if the patient feels as if sand particles are stuck inside the throat and he drinks water again and again to remove the dryness of the throat, taking Cistus instead of Belladonna is very useful.

2. Merc-sol:-

  • If different types of symptoms related to the throat are found in the patient like- dryness and pain inside the throat, having desire for swallowing saliva coming in the mouth all the time, swelling of the tonsils by inside and outside with pain, burning sensation in the throat and becoming it red after swelling, etc., Merc-sol 30 should be used.
  • This drug is also used in the case of coming offensive smell from the mouth and breath with swelling, burning sensation and pain of the throat.
  • With these types of symptoms, if the patient’s tongue has swollen, using this drug is very effective.
  • If thick and sticky saliva (cough) thickens inside the throat or swelling is decreased in the condition of becoming the disease as chronic but thick cough comes much in the mouth, etc., Merc-sol should be given to the patient.  

3. Phytolacca:-

  • If muscus membrane of the patient suffering from sore throat has changed in black colour and the colour of the tonsils have also changed in black or light black; pain starts in the root of the tongue at the time of swallowing anything with pain in the back and other organs, etc., Phytolacca 3 should be taken. 
  • If the patient has to try hard for swallowing cough sticking in the throat; the patient’s tongue gets swelling; aggravating disease by drinking hot water; he feels pain especially in the right side that is moved to the ear later, etc., 3 potency of this drug should be used.
  • If the patient feels pain in his throat, restlessness, weakness, having symptoms like- blackness of the mucus membrane and producing clots in the throat, etc., Lachesis should be taken instead of Phytolacca because this drug is more effective in such symptoms of the patient.

4. Kali-mur- This drug is very useful in the condition of thickening white mucus inside the throat. Swelling occurs in the tonsils and brown coloured spots (marks) or wound appears on them. Thus, using Kali-mur 12x or 30 is very effective in this condition. This drug is very useful in the cases of throat diseases occurring due to stomach upset ness and swelling of the glands of the throat.

5. Kali-bicrome- If the patient suffers from throat diseases and pain starts in his throat; sticky thread like mucus comes in the throat; pain starts in the ear tube and he has to try hard to remove out cough thickened in the throat, using Kali-bicrome 3 or 30 is very effective. With such types of symptoms, if the patient feels cough in his throat and does not come out by expectorating again and again, taking Ammonia-mur instead of Kali-bicrome is appropriate.  

6. Mother tincture of Guaiacum- This drug is very useful in the condition of throat pain. If pain occurs in the patient’s throat violently and due to which, he talks with holding of his throat; burning sensation like scratch is occurring in the patient’s throat, but it is not red; due to throat pain, especially right part is more affected; tonsils get swelling and the throat becomes dry; patient has to drink water for swallowing anything, etc., the mother tincture of this drug or 3 or 6 potency of it should be taken in such symptoms. With such types of symptoms, if the patient does not feel thirst and the throat remains dry, using Pulsatilla instead of Guaiacum is very useful.   

7. Lachesis- If the patient feels something like clot stuck in his throat that goes into the food pipe by eating or drinking anything and again comes back soon in the throt; disease gets aggravated in the condition of getting up after sleep or suddenly gets up while sleeping; he feels pain in the throat by eating any solid or soft thing even by swallowing saliva; he also feels pain by touching the throat and internal part has seen bluish red; in this disease, patient feels violent pain even by touching little, etc., using Lachesis 30 is very effective. 

8. Cantharis- If pain occurs in the patient’s throat especially in the back part of the throat and burning sensation like fire also starts in the throat; swelling comes in the throat resulting fast pain and burning sensation occur in it; burning sensation and pain persist even after elimination of swelling, etc., Cantharis 6 or 30 should be taken in such symptoms. This drug is also used in the cases of feeling pricking pain with swelling inside the throat, but giving Apis instead of Cantharis is very useful. 

9. Hepar-sulphur:-

  • If the patient feels pain in his throat as if it has scratched; feels as if something round is moving in the throat and pus has formed in the throat, taking Hepar-sulphur is very useful. This drug is used in the condition of pricking pain also.
  • If wounds have appeared in the patient’s throat and due to which, he feels pricking pain in it, taking Nitric-acid is appropriate.
  • If the patient feels pain like pricking thorns with the thickening of sticky mucus in the throat and hoarseness has occurred, Argentum-nitricum is very useful in this condition.
  • If the patient feels as if something has stuck in the throat with the feeling of pain like pricking thorn, taking Kali-carb is very effective.

10. Ferrum-phos or Senega- If sore throat has occurred due to speaking much, singing songs for a long time and shouting loudly, etc., using Ferrum-Phos 6x or Senega 3 is very useful.

11. Alumina- If a person has pain in his throat due to singing songs, Alumina 6 or 30 should be taken.

12. Nux-vomica- Sometimes, pain and burning sensation occurs due to improper way of dieting like- taking liquor, smoking and taking much cold things, etc. Due to such symptoms, the patient feels pain in his throat and cough (phlegm) filled in it resulting he tries hard to removes out cough by expectorating. Thus, using Nux-vomica 6 or 30 is very useful.