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Sound sleep



       According to ayurveda, the people who take sound sleep at night and gets up at 4 o’clock in the morning, all the vital elements of their body works well. They have no any laziness and their body remains nourished and healthy. It enhances body glow, increased excitement. Their digestive systems works well and feel good appetite.

        If we keep on working only and do not take good sleep, a time will come when we will become unable to do any work physically and mentally. In this condition, we will become mad or die. Women feed their children after waking them from sleep, but she does not know that sleep is more beneficial than food for them. In the same way, students keep on studying for late night without taking rest (sleep). By doing so, their eyes becomes weak (sick) and the brain becomes blunt (slow) and their health becomes sick. A proverb is popular about sleep that the people can do many more who know the way of taking good sleep.    

What is sound (good) sleep?

        Sound sleep is that, in which a person sleep completely without conscious. Sleep of newly born babies is also sound. By sound sleep, each part of our body gets relaxation and used power is obtained again. During sleep, breathing rate becomes slow; pulse starts slow and supply of blood in the brain is decreased. In this condition, people do have senses of touch and hear. When a person gets up from sleep, first of all, his hearing sense starts working and then his touching sense comes back. The eyes open at last. A person, who has control on his soul and mind, can take deep sleep anywhere and in any condition with being concentrate. We should keep remember that 3 hours of deep sleep is more beneficial than 8 hours of sleep full of dreams, dreams do not come during sound sleep. 

Easy ways to get sound sleep:-

  • Taking regular exercise also provides sound sleep that is very useful for our body.
  • The people, who work hard, take always good sleep while lazy and work free people is not able to take good sleep and they keep on changing their sides at night.
  • We should go to bed with happy and peaceful mind everyday. It provides deep sleep.
  • We should take food before sunset so that food has digested completely before going to bed. Follow this rule provides good sleep. Good sleep does not come in empty stomach or full stomach. Good sleep also comes by taking milk before going to bed.   
  • For sound sleep, we should go to sleep after toilet and washing our genitals, hands, legs and mouth with cold water daily.
  • Our sleeping place should being clean, airy and peaceful and bed should also being neat and clean. Deep sleep also comes in peaceful and dark place.
  • The condition of human during sleep influences much on his health. He should sleep on the side which is like by him. We should never sleep on the stomach or on the back, because sleeping on the stomach, dreams come and sleeping on the back, he starts suffering from backache, fits, catarrh and other types of such diseases. Sleeping on the left side is beneficial for our health. It makes the breathing pipe as straight and breathing process goes on continuing with any disturbance. Its scientific reason is that the pulse of the left side of the body is called Ira and the pulse of right body is called Pingala. Moon power is obtained from Ira pulse and by Pingala pulse, sun power is obtained. In this way, after getting coldness from moon and heat from sun, a person remains healthy naturally. This is the reason why the person, sleeping on the left side, lives long life. But, a person, suffering from heart diseases, should not sleep on the left side, but sleeping on the right side is beneficial for him.  
  • Few doctors believe that sleeping on the stomach is more beneficial. They say that it helps in digestion process, but in this condition, keeping the head low is restricted otherwise it can generate eyes related disorders. While sleeping on the stomach, the head should be kept as left or right on pillow. Most of them sleep on the stomach. We should not sleep on the right side for long time, because pressure falls on the liver in this condition and causes the complaints of indigestion.
  • After going to bed, by combing hairs slowly, sleep comes soon and good.
  • We should go to bed only after making our mind concentrate daily. It helps in allowing sound sleep. Before going to bed, we must walk for little while. During it, we should not effort on our brain even little.
  • For taking good sleep, we should never take intoxicants, because it is harmful for our body.
  • For sound sleep, cut pieces of tyre or tube are kept under bed. It helps in good sleep.
  • In old age, taking meals only once in 24 hours helps in sound sleep.
  • During sleep, we should keep our head up than remaining body. It helps in deep and good sleep. For making head up, a pillow should be kept under our head.
  • Before going to bed, we should keep our both the legs in lukewarm water up to 5-10 minutes. It helps in pushing extra blood of the brain towards legs, because extra blood in the brain creates obstruction in good sleep. After removing extra blood, the brain becomes cool that causes good sleep. 
  • After taking bath with cold water and by wearing warm clothes, good sleep comes. Normally sleeping with naked body is very useful. If we can not do this due to any reason, we should wear light and minimum clothes on our body while sleeping. Sleep does not come also by wearing additional clothes. 
  • Sleep does not come properly due to anger, hate, love, worry, over eating, hard work, diseases, fear, tea, pan masala, coffee, in noisy place and due to light in a room, etc. We should avoid them as far as possible.
  • By chanting ‘Soऽhum’ on the bed helps in good sleep. By it, sleep comes within 10 minutes. ‘So’ should be chanted with breath in and ‘hum’ with breath out.  
  • Different color of glass beads are threaded a needle in different types of metal starts. By putting on this garland, good sleep comes due to producing electric current in it. For it, 3-4 folds of this garland should be used. 

Idle time for sleep-

        Normally every healthy people must take sleep for 7-8 hours. As it is not difficult to decide time table for taking food, it is also not difficult to make sleeping time. Normally it is observed that sleep is completed in few people soon while few are sleep whole the night, but their sleep do not complete. Newly born babies sleep more naturally, because it needs extra sleep for the development and growth of its body. Newly born babies sleep for minimum 15-16 hours. Old, patients, woman that has given birth recently and physically weak person need extra sleep comparison to normal people. Female needs much sleep than male and much sleep is very beneficial for pregnant.   

        Sleeping time for different people of ages has decided (made) on the basis of different researches of scientist and doctors, which is as follow-


Sleeping time

Between one week to 6 weeks

22 hours

Between 1 to 2 year

18 hours

Between 2 to 3 year

15 to 17 hours

Between 3 to 4 year

14 to 16 hours

Between 4 to 6 year

13 to 15 hours

Between 6 to 9 year

10 to 12 hours

Between 9 to 13 year

  9 to 10 hours

Between 13 to 15 year

  8 to 10 hours

More than 15 years

  7 to 8 hours


        Taking extra sleep is also harmful for our health. Over sleeping decreases age and taking incomplete sleep causes different diseases. Over sleep generates heaviness in our body and fatness increases in the body. It generates lethargy and laziness. For sleeping, additional time is not needed, but sound sleep is most important, because sound sleep of 4 hours is better than 8 hours of sleep full of dreams.  

Place and bed for sleep-

        About 2/3 of our age is passed in sleeping, so the place of it should be cleaned and air. For sleep, we should chose such a big room having enough windows and ventilators for proper circulation of pure fresh air and light. The room should be emptied. While sleeping, doors and windows should be opened. In which direction, the head should be put while sleeping, there is also rules for it described in shastras. In ‘Markendya Smriti’, it has described that sleeping with putting the head in the direction of east and south at night, age and wealth increases; in west direction, ones become worry and by putting the head in north direction, vital element is destroyed. Therefore, we should never sleep by putting the head in the north and legs in the south direction.  

        Sleeping on mattress is harmful for health, especially for children and boys whose body is growing, the nerves and muscles of whom are developing, the expansion of chest is not completed and whose spinal cord has not developed completely and has not become strong. By sleeping on flat and hard bed like- wooden chawki, floor (ground), etc., the spines remain straight; the stomach and chest works well and breathing process takes place normally. According to scientists and natural doctors, sleeping on the floor is the best, because with the contact of ground, the entire living creatures on the earth get vital elements. Our earth has magical power to eliminate all types of diseases. We should not sleep on wet ground, but sleeping on the sand or grass is very beneficial for our health.  

Idle time for sleep-

        According to natural laws, we should sleep from sunset to sunrise and work from sunrise to sunset. By the view of good health, we should go to bed at 9 o’clock at night and get up 4 o’clock in the morning.

        We should not sleep in day time. In summer days, little sleep can be taken, but sleeping for long time in day is harmful for our health. By sleeping in day, relaxation comes and digestion power is affected that causes different types of diseases in our body. By getting up early in morning, age is increased; vision becomes sharp; ones get wealth, name, health and beauty.

Treatment of diseases by sleep-

          Like taking rest and relaxation, sleep is also the best means of space therapy to eliminate different diseases. When a person is suffered from any disease, first of all, doctor tries to make the patient sleep by any means. When the patient starts sleeping, it means that he will be recovered from disease soon. According to doctors, sleep has properties to heal different types of diseases. By taking sleep, the body discharges faecal materials, extra heat of the body is eliminated and the body becomes nourished. While sleeping, a person breathes longer and faster than conscious condition that makes excretory functions fast through the lungs. When the patient gets sleep, morbid fluid is removed out from his body. As much morbid presents in the patient’s body, he required sleep. In the case of occurring any type of disorders in our body, it is necessary to take sleep for 8-10 hours while in healthy condition, only sleeping for only 5-6 hours is enough. The energy lost after working is fulfilled by sleep. It also repairs the nerves. By the view of health, sound sleep is more useful than food, because food is not too necessary, but taking sleep is not only his necessity but it also acts as medicines. It clears that sound sleep is very beneficial by the view of health.