Spermatic cords

Spermatic cords

          These are like that of small eggs. The spermatic cords of an adult are about 4 cm in length and 2.5 cm in width. There are two testes located in the bag of both sides of penis. Its temperature is 3-5° F less than body temperature due to locating out side the body. The difference of this temperature is necessary for producing spermatozoa and making them live. When a person reaches in young age, spermatozoa start to produce in the testes located in the testicles. With increasing age, the number of spermatozoa is also increased. Mostly they go on producing for the whole life. In both side of testicles, 1-1 testes remain hanging with spermatic cords. They do mainly 2 works-

  • Production of spermatozoa.
  • Secretion of testosterone hormones.

Origin of sperms:

        Testes are made of spiral ducts in males. There is an epithelium just inside these ducts. Before sometime, it is considered that sperms originate because of epithelium division and its maturity. But it is not so. Sperms are made of early cells. Early cells don’t originate in the reproductive organs. They originate somewhere and then reach into the reproductive organs. There is cell division in them after reaching in the reproductive organs. Consequently, sperms originate.

Excretion of testosterone:

        Testosterone is male hormone but it does many important functions in women too. Excretion percentage of this secretion is 5 percent in women comparison to men. It is responsible for the beginning of puberty. At this time, pubes start to grow on the genitals of girls. Breast and genitals become sensitive and sexual urges starts to produce in them.