Sponge bath



        This bathe is for those people who have been suffering from illness since a long time or they are very thin.


        One piece of Turkish towel or gloves of clothes, a bucket and a bed sheet to cover whole bed


  • Cover the whole body of the patient by a sheet. Clean patient’s body with wet towel or gloves by rubbing. After that, say to the patient to change the side and sponge the waist of the patient slowly. Thereafter, mop face and head to dry. After that, cover the patient’s body with bed sheet again.
  • Water temperature should be according to patient’s condition. If the patient has been suffering from high fever, give cold sponge to the patient with the cold water of 18-24 degree Celsius temperature because it helps in reducing the temperature but if the patient is much weak and has been suffering from fever due to cold, sponge of warm water should be given. The skin gets much softness by giving sponge of warm water repeatedly. The temperature vanishes because of steaming from the body.
  • To use this type of bath as medicine, water temperature should be kept at least ten degree Celsius and the patient’s body should be rubbed at least for five minutes. Cold sponge is beneficial in case of dropsy and heart problems.
  • Centers of heart and breathing system start to excite by adopting cold and warm sponge on the spinal cord by turns and so this work is helpful in the treatment of all types of diseases. It is also helpful in the treatment of sprain, hurt, and rheumatoid arthritis. It is also beneficial to cure many diseases.
  • Therefore, if someone takes this bath regularly, many diseases of the body can be cured easily.