Stomach bath


        Stomach bath, jaldhauti, vaman dhauti, waghi, brahmadatun, kanjal, gajkarni, etc. are the different names of only one activity. For this purpose, water is prepared also like that of nostrils bath. After that take neem leaves with branch and removes all the leaves of this branch and then clean this stick obtained. In this way, collects 5-6 such sticks of neem. Now we start to drink prepared water slowly. The quantity of water should be increased up to 2 liters gradually. After drinking total water, we should sit with bending our body frontward. After that, thin stick of neem should be moved slowly here and there inside the throat by that crop of vomiting starts and wastes inside the stomach as well as water come out from the body. Finger without nails can be also used instead of neem stick. If vomiting does not take place, don’t worry because water comes out with excreta or urine after digestion.   

        The summer season is appropriate for this activity. It should be practice in the morning after daily routine works. It can be also practiced by another way. For this purpose, we need a rubber tube about 60-70 cm in length which one end is open and other is closed with hole at a distance of 4 finger. After drinking water, this tube should be put inside the throat from closed end. By doing so, dirty water of the stomach comes out through opened end of the tub. Slowly it should be puss little more inside the stomach through the mouth resulting water inside the stomach comes out slowly from the body through this tub. This type of activity is used to end different types of disorders like- chronic constipation, walking under sunlight, excessiveness of bile, accumulated phlegm, blood poisoning, joints pain, asthma, skin diseases, etc. Practicing this activity once in a week ends many diseases related to the stomach, constipation, etc. 


          It should not be practiced in cased like- phlegm, vomiting, swelling of the throat and breathing tube, heart weakness, etc.