Stopping of heartbeats



        In many cases, the heartbeat of a sufferer is also become slow after accident along with serious injuries. In addition of it, the heartbeat may be slower also due to many other reasons like- getting electric shocks, heart attack, getting serious injury on the body, brain hemorrhage, or drowning in water, etc. in many cases, the heartbeat of the sufferer is stopped completely due to these reasons and his/her pulse is also not found. In such condition, the sufferer’s face is turned into yellow, the lips and nails are fallen blue, the throat nerves are swollen, froth starts coming out from the mouth and nostrils and pain starts in the chest. After sometimes, the sufferer is become unconscious partially, because his/her body does not get sufficient oxygen. In such condition, immediate treatment is very necessary otherwise he/she may get harms physically and mentally.

Note- most of the people believe that when a person’s breath is stopped, his/her heartbeat is also stopped and he/she goes to the next world. But, it is absolutely incorrect (wrong), because it has been observed in few cases that the heart beat goes on running even after stopping his/her breath.

For illustration- when a person drowns in water, his/her breath is stopped, but the heart beat goes on running for few minutes. But as soon the heart beat is stopped as the breath is stopped too. In such condition, if artificial breath is given to the sufferer immediately, he/she may be out of danger. If artificial breath is given to the sufferer even after 3 minutes of stopped breath, there is 75% chance for the sufferer to become alive again, but this percentage is decreased to 50%, if artificial breath is give after 4 minutes and if the artificial breath is give after 5 minutes, this percentage is left as 25%. The condition of the sufferer is become too serious after 5 minutes and if the artificial breath is given after 8 minutes, there is no any chance for the patient to live again.

Obstruction (difficulty) in breathing- This type of problem (difficult breathing) occurs not only due to accident, but heart disease, asthma, fits, tetanus, over use of peels for sleeping, etc. are also responsible for it. Due to these reasons, sufficient oxygen is not able to reach in the lungs.

        In case of drowning, obstruction in breathing is often occurred due to filling water in the breathing pipe. Obstruction is occurred in the breathing also after swelling of the internal muscles of throat due to extra hot water. it may also occur due to tying rope or a piece of cloth tightly around neck, pressing throat with fingers, loading heavy load on the baby or by making the unconscious person as lie down on his/her chest, etc.

        This type of problem (difficult breathing) may also occur due to getting electric shocks, falling down from a height, by digging in mines, coming under any vehicle, etc. in addition to them; breathing is obstructed also by entangling artificial teeth in the food pipe.     

Primary treatment- if primary treatment is not given immediately to the sufferer in case of feeling obstruction in breathing occurred due to any reason, his/her condition may become too worse (serious), he/she starts becoming unconscious, froth also starts coming out from his/her mouth and sometimes fits also start attacking. Thus, first of all primary treatment should be given to him/her.

        If a person is feeling obstruction in breathing, first of all try to eliminate the reasons which are responsible for it. Then, making the sufferer (unconscious) lie down straightly on his/her back. If it is not possible to eliminate the reasons responsible for his/her unconsciousness, carry the sufferer to such a place where he/she could get fresh air. Then, make the sufferer lie down on his/her back and place your palm under his/her neck from back side and press the head gently in downward direction.

        If the sufferer is in conscious stage, ask him/her to open his/her mouth, but if he/she is unconscious, press his/her jaw from backwards to forwards. It will help in opening his/her mouth, then check that anything has been entangled in his/her breathing pipe or not like- food particles, artificial teeth or any other thing or his/her tongue has been turned or not. If you find anything entangled inside his/her breathing pipe, remove out and if his/her tongue has been turned, make it straight. By doing it, his/her breath starts again. Be careful while putting your finger inside the sufferer’s mouth for taking out entangled thing, because he/she may cut your finger in unconscious stage too.

        If anything is entangled inside the breathing pipe of a child, make the child lie down on his/her stomach with lower his/her head and then hit on his/her back with your fist gently. It will help in coming out the entangled thing and his/her breath will start running.

If the breath does not start again even after cleaning the breathing pipe, give artificial breath to the sufferer by following way-

In case of stopped breathing, make the sufferer lie down on his/her back and raise his/her neck up by placing your hand under it. By doing like this, the sufferer’s head will be bended backwards and his/her mouth will open.     

After that, give artificial breath to him/her with closing his/her nose and mouth with the help of your thumb and index finger.

If the breath of a child has been stopped, first of all bend his/her head backwards and place a pillow under his/her back and then give artificial breath. While gibing artificial breath, the lungs of the child expand and contract which can be seen easily. After giving artificial breath, keep away your mouth from the mouth of the child. Then, give artificial breath again after taking deep breath. In this way, first four breaths should be given without wasting time so that the sufferer could get oxygen immediately. Repeat this activity at the interval of every 5-5 seconds.

Impure air is come out by removing away your mouth. If you do not hear the sound of coming out air from the mouth of the sufferer, repeat this activity again. This type of sound comes out even from the mouth of unconscious person. If it does not happen like this, it means air is not going in the lungs of the sufferer. In such condition, draw the lower jaw of the sufferer frontward and then repeat this activity again.  

The process of giving artificial breath should be done 12 times per minute in case of an adult and 16 to 20 times per minute in case of children.

If it is not possible to give artificial breath to the sufferer due to injury in the jaws of the sufferer or due to any other reason, give the breath through his/her nose with closing his/her mouth.   

The mouth of newly born baby and small children is small, thus give artificial breath by covering his/her mouth and nose with your mouth.   

Keep one thing in your mind while giving artificial breath to the children that giving breath with speed may affect his/her lungs. While giving artificial breath to the children, keep one of your hands on his/her stomach. It does not allow his/her lungs to expand much.  

Keep this activity continues until the sufferer’s breathe starts again. By this activity, the breath start running again within 15 seconds. But, if the breath of the sufferer is stopped again or his/her breathing rate is less than 12 times per minute, repeat the process said above and goes on repeating until the sufferer gets any medical treatment or doctor’s help.

Few people believe that the air we breathe out is impure (polluted), so giving breath (artificial) from mouth is not right. But, doctors believe that it is absolutely right in emergency and it may save the life of anyone. The air we breathe in has 20% oxygen and 0.03% carbon dioxide, but the air we breathe out has 16% oxygen and about 4% carbon dioxide.

Due to having extra amount of carbon dioxide, the air we breathe out is believed as impure and we start feeling suffocation by taking this air. But if any person is suffering from lack of oxygen in his/her body and the necessary functions of his/her body start being affecting or if there is a chance of occurring any type serious mis-happing, 16% of oxygen is enough for him/her. By doing it (giving artificial breath), his/her body functions are started again.     

Starting heartbeats again- the lungs act as purifying impure blood and then forwarding it to the heart and the heart pumps out this purified (pure) blood to the different organs of the body. if any organ of our body does not get pure blood in the place of impure ones, that organ is not able to do its work properly as well as it may also become the victim of such a disease which is not able to be cured even after giving quality treatment. If our brain does not get pure blood till 3 minutes and till 7-8 minutes in case of heart, such type of disordering is occurred in them due to which, one goes on suffering from various types of mental and physical diseases for the whole life even after recovering his/her health. Our heart stops its functions due to many reasons like- by getting serious injury on the heart, getting powerful electric shock or by additional bleeding from the body, etc.

Due to stopping or slowing of heartbeats, pulse is become slow or its palpitation is stopped. In such condition, the sufferer’s face is turned into yellow or blue; the iris is become wider and sufferer becomes unconscious. If the heartbeats are not started again within few minutes, the sufferer may die too.

Heartbeats can be felt by keeping your hand on the heart. But the best part to observe (feel) it, is the wrist. The pulse rate is found very easily through wrist. But, when the heartbeats are become slower due to any reason, pulse rate is not found on the wrist. Therefore, you should need to check carotid nerve located on the left lower section of neck or femur nerves for determining that the heart is beating or not. If the palpitation of the carotid nerve is also absent, you should try to start the heart beasts of the sufferer again.

For doing primary treatment, first of all make the sufferer lie down on his/her back. Do not place any pillow under his/her head, but make his/her legs about 40-50 cm up from the ground by placing something under the legs. It makes blood circulation faster towards heart. The feet have about 1.5 liter blood which may prove very helpful in starting the heartbeats again.

If this method also makes no impression, the sufferer needs medical treatment. For this purpose, first of all be sure the location of his/her heart. It is very important because if you do treatment on any other organ by mistake instead of heart, it may be harmful for the sufferer in place of beneficial. Normally, most of the people do not able to find the actual location of the heart easily. Therefore, first of all you should need to find out the actual location of the heart in the body and then do following treatment-  

  • For doing primary treatment, make the patient lie down on his/her back and then keep both your palms on each other on the place of heart and lock the fingers of both the hands with each other.
  • With the help of lower palm, press the patient’s chest once per second. As much pressure should be given on the chest so that it would be suppressed down about 1.5 to 5 cm. give pressure and remove out immediately, but left your palms on the same place. Then, give pressure again after a second. In this way, give pressure about 60 times in a minute, but be careful that the chest did not able to be suppressed down more than 5 cm.
  • Keep your elbows straight completely while giving pressure, even little curviness is not considered as good.
  • If you are alone, give pressure 5 times after giving artificial breath once and then repeat this activity again.
  • If you have a helper or any friend with you, one of you should need to give artificial breath to the patient and other should give pressure on his/her chest at the place of heart. Both of you should need to have good understanding while doing treatment and be careful that both the activities (giving breath and pressure) should not done at the same time, do both the activities one after another.
  • After every 5 minutes, go on checking both the pulse and breath of the patient.
  • Keep both the activities- giving pressure and breath, continue until becoming the pulse rate as normal.   
  • In case of 5-6 years old children, pressure of only one hand on his/her chest is enough and pressure should be given on the chest (heart) 80 times per minute.
  • In case of newly born babies, pressure of only two fingers is enough for them and the pressing rate should be 100/minute and chest should be pressed down up to only 2 cm.
  • In case of an adult, do not away your hands from his/her chest while giving pressure.
  • It is very important for you to be careful while giving pressure on the chest, because applying extra efforts or force may be responsible for ribs fracture.
  • The process of giving artificial breath and pressure should be kept continue until the patient is carried to a hospital. This activity (treatment) can be done for half an hour.

If the process of giving artificial breath and pressure is done in a correct manner, the heartbeats are started again and the blood circulation is become up to 100 ml. the brain starts getting about 25% to 30% of total blood gotten in its normal condition through this process.   

Note- you should need to keep one thing in your mind that the breath of the patient is also stopped along with stopping heart beats. In such condition, you should also try to start the breaths again along with starting heartbeats.

Drowning in water- normally most of the swimmer takes in deep breath just before going under water, it removes out maximum carbon dioxide from his/her body. In normal condition, this carbon dioxide forces him/her to breathe continuously and when maximum carbon dioxide is come out from the body, the swimmer does not try to breathe again and again and becomes unconscious due to lack of oxygen in his/her body. After becoming unconscious once, he/she does not able to keep control on his/her physical activities and is drown in water.

        This type of activity is also happen with those who take dive frequently. In the little gap between two dives, he/she takes in deep breath and takes out many times. in this way, he/she also takes out enough carbon dioxide from his/her body resulting he/she does not want to breath and remains under water instead of coming out from water for breathing and is drown in water after becoming unconscious due to lack of oxygen in his/her body. Well, there are many reasons of drowning, but the breath is stopped in every case. For eliminating this problem of the person who is drown in water, following primary treatment proves beneficial-

        For this purpose, first of all you should need to check the mouth of the sufferer that anything is entangled inside his/her mouth or not. If you find anything entangled inside the mouth, first take out that thing from the mouth and then start giving artificial breath to the sufferer immediately. This activity can be done also when the sufferer is in water, but his/her mouth should be above the surface of water. In this way along with giving artificial breath in water, carry the sufferer out of water and make him/her lie down on his/her stomach on the ground. Stop giving breath after carry him/her to the ground and turn his/her face towards one side. Spread his/her hands above the head completely. By doing so, water will start coming out from his/her mouth.

Note- in case of baby and small children, body can be hanged as reverse by holding his/her legs.

For removing out water from the lungs completely, make the stomach area of the sufferer as little up so that whole the water could come out.  After coming out the water completely, make the sufferer turned into right position and lie down on his/her back. After that, start giving artificial breath to him/her. This activity (giving breath) should be kept continue until his/her breath starts again. Sometimes, the sufferer takes about 2 hours for coming in his/her normal condition.

If the sufferer’s jaws have been locked, open his/her mouth and try to give artificial breath through your mouth. In case of drowning in the salty water of sea, the body is lost its liquid substances resulting he/she craves for water just after coming in conscious stage. In such condition, as much water he/she wants to drink as you should have to give.

After that, put off all his/her wet clothes and let him/her to wear dry clothes as well as you should also need to cover his/her body with a blanket. Do not allow the sufferer to sit for long time even after coming in normal condition. Tea, coffee, etc. can be given to him/her. Now, carry the sufferer to a hospital on a stretcher.

In case of entangled anything in the breathing pipe- small children have the habits to put everything in their mouth. In this sequence, many times they put such a thing in their mouth which is entangled in their throat resulting obstruction is occurred in their breathing pipe. In many cases of adult too, food is entangled in his/her breathing pipe while eating causes obstruction in it. after occurring obstruction in the breathing pipe, the sufferer is not able to speak and try hard to breathe in resulting the eyes starts appearing as wide (coming out) and the face is turned into blue due to getting insufficient amount of oxygen. If the sufferer does not get treatment soon in this condition, he/she is become unconscious within a moment; even he/she may die too.

        In case of small children, if something is entangled in their breathing pipe, hang down the child as reverse by holding his/her legs and give hard flaps on his/her back 3-4 times to allow the entangled thing in coming out. If this activity does not make any impression, make the child lie down on your knees in reverse posture and make his/her head as hanging position and then give hard flaps in the section between his/her shoulders. If is failed too, allow him/her to vomit by putting your two fingers inside his/her throat.    

When an adult feels obstruction or difficulty in breathing due to entangled the morsel of food in his/her breathing pipe, following primary treatment is beneficial for removing out that morsel-

First of all, make the sufferer lie down on his/her back straightly and then sit on your knees in such a way facing towards his/her feet so that you could place one of your knees on one side of the sufferer’s leg and other on another side. Now, place one of your palms on the area between navel and ribs and place another palm over the first one and then give jerk upwards by pressing your palms. Stop pressure for 1-2 seconds after giving jerk and then give jerk again. This activity should be done continuously until the entangled things come out from his/her throat.

The entangled thing comes out by this method because little air is present in our lungs even after stopping breath and comes out with jerk with carry entangled thing by doing this type of treatment.   

The sufferer may vomit too by doing this treatment. In such condition let him/her to vomit by turning his/her face towards one side.  

        After coming out of entangled thing from the breathing pipe, an adult may feels difficulty in breathing. So, you should be ready to give artificial breath just after it. 

Obstruction in breathing due to lack of Carbon Monoxide (CO)- in winter, the people are often slept by closing all the doors and windows after burning coal inside a room for protecting their selves from cold which may be very dangerous. It may become the responsible for difficulty in breathing and the people may die too in the packed room due to suffocation.

        This situation occurs mostly due to poisonous gas named Carbon Monoxide. This type of gas is present also in the egjoust gas coming out from motorcycle, car, truck, scooter, etc. it is produced due to burning of gas, coal, wood, etc. in addition to them, this gas is produced also in coal mines. This gas does not create nervousness after going inside the body through breath. This is the reason why a slept person is not able to feel its presence. This gas is mixed in the hemoglobin of our blood rapidly comparison to oxygen resulting the hemoglobin does not able to get sufficient amount of oxygen, which may become the responsible of any serious condition.

        Due to lighter than air, carbon mono oxide is raised very soon. But, sometimes the condition like emergency is occurred on the place where this gas goes on producing continuously. In such condition, first of all carry the sufferer away from that environment, it is very important. In this condition, you should also need to take in deep breath 2-3 times and hold the breath as longer as possible for you. After that, you should enter in the environment of carbon mono oxide in a crawling way. As it is lighter than air, the density of this gas is comparably less near the surface. Carry the sufferer in crawling mode without leaving the surface to the fresh air as soon as possible. If it is not possible to take out the sufferer from the room, open all the doors and windows immediately so that the gas filled in the room could come out soon. 

        Just after reaching in open air, loose all the clothes of the sufferer and start giving artificial breath to him/her.

        In such condition, giving pure oxygen is more beneficial for the sufferer, but it is available only in big (furnished) hospital. So, carry the sufferer to such hospital as soon as possible.

Carbon dioxide (CO2)- in case of feeling difficulty or suffocation in the environment of smoke, carbon dioxide or any other poisonous environment, first of all carry out the sufferer from that environment immediately before giving primary treatment. But, it is very important for you to follow few precautions like-

  • Before entering in a room filled with smoke, you should cover your nose and mouth with wet towel.
  • Before entering in a room filled with carbon dioxide, you should try to open all the doors and windows of the room.
  • After taking 2-3 deep breaths, you should try to hold the breath as longer as possible for you.
  • Carbon dioxide is heavier than air and is gathered near the surface. So, you should not bend in a room filled with carbon dioxide, but keep your activities continue by standing position.