Sun Stroking



        When the body of a person becomes more heat than the capacity of the person, this stage is called sun stroking. There is a lack of water in the body of the victim in this stage by which many diseases take the victim in their grip. This disease can be cured by natural treatment.

Symptoms of sun stroking:

        Body of a person becomes hot and lazy. The patient feels as if he has no strength to work. Eyes of the victim become hot too because of which water starts to fall from the eyes.

Causes of sun stroking:

        If a person does work in sunlight for longtime or he remains in the contact of hot wind, he becomes the victim this disease.

Natural treatment of the patient affected from sun stroking:

  • First, the patient of this disease should take rest on a cold place. The patient should lie or sleep on the leaves of banana or leaves of castor tree. Lassi of curd, whey, raw mango, syrup of gram’s Saag or lemon juice mixed water should be given to the patient in place of meal. Throat should be mopped with wet towel after small regular intervals.
  • Make the patient bath with cold water. If the stage is very serious, whole body of the victim should be wrapped in a wet bed sheet drenched in cold water and water should be poured on the bed sheet after 30 minutes regular interval. Paste of wet soil should be applied on the body too. Thereafter, colic bath should be given to the patient. The victim become well if the natural treatment is done as mentioned above.