Tanneries Cassia



Name in different languages:

English         :      Tanneries Cassia

Hindi           :       Tarvad, Tarvar, Khakhasa, Taronda, Alud

Sanskrit      :        Charmranga, Aavartki, Peetpushpa

Marathi       :        Tarvad, Chambharatrota, Chambhar aavdi

Gujarati      :         Aaval

Bengali       :        Barver, Baratroda

Latin           :        Cassia auriculate


         Tanneries cassia is small, bitter and pungent in the taste and cool and dry in nature. It increases eyesight and brings phlegm out. It is useful for the treatment of diarrhoea, bile disorders, dysentery, breathing problems, vatta disorders, skin diseases, mouth diseases, wound and swelling. It stops bleeding and kills stomach worms.

         Its bark is contractive, nutritive and increases sperm count. Its root is heavy, sweet and nutritive. It alleviates poisoning and generates bile disorders. It is useful to end breathing problems, blood disorders caused by bile, leucorrhoea and. A decoction of tanneries cassia root should be taken to prevent chronic loose motions and dysentery. Brushing with the powder of tanneries cassia’s bark makes the teeth strong.