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 Tea is leaf of a tree, which is very popular. Tea should not be taken regularly. Taking it according to need is useful. It is useful for the cool natured persons.Introduction:

     Tea is leaf of a tree, which is very popular. Tea should not be taken regularly. Taking it according to need is useful. It is useful for the cool natured persons. Taking tea on empty stomach disturbs the digestive system and reduces sleep at bed time. Tea increases neuralgia and blood pressure, so it is harmful for such type patients.

If someone takes tea as medicine in several diseases, he gets excessive benefit but still tea should not be taken regularly because it is harmful. Now-a-days tea is a symbol of hospitality in all over world. It is severed in the houses, playgrounds, assemblies, seminars, meetings and functions. Tea is being used in the all places.  

      Taking tea regularly is very harmful and reduces digestive power too. It reduces blood because of that the body becomes weak. It is considered the beverage for intellectual creatures, one who does the work by mind and cold zones people. It provides slight excitement to the brain fibers. It more excites to the muscles and sperm than the brain. One, who takes tea, gets the lack of physical fatigue.  But taking over quantity of tea disturbs the digestive system.  Tea has no any nutrient but its leaves contain proteins.

       To reduce the harmful elements of tea: Fresh water should be used to prepare tea, not stale water. If water is stale, fill it in a jug and pour it into another jug again and again. Boil this water and fill it in a kettle there after mix enough quantity of tea leaf in this water and close the kettle. After that, sugar and milk (according to need) should be mixed in it. Excessively boiled red colour tea should never be taken.

According to scientists- Caffeine is liquid substance is contained in tea. There are three effect of it as- It increases urine quantity, excites nervous system and causes the sense of power in all the muscles. Caffeine excites the heart. It is used to end headache, anuria-dysuria, weakness of nerves and heart, lungs swelling, swelling due to heart problems and the chronic inflammation of kidneys. If tea does not contain cafin, the importance of tea is destroyed. Tea also contains another element, which is called tainin. It is very harmful for the body.

      Tea contains some qualities too. It increases digestive power and appetite. It affects the skin and bladder and brings out urine and sweat in excessive quantity. It increases zeal and ends exhaustion. Tea should be taken after one hour of having meals. It increases bile. The food which does not digest after 4-5 hours of taking, tea helps to digest such type of food easily.

In the winter or rainy seasons: If someone desires for a hot liquid in the morning, a decoction should be given to him instead of tea. To prepare this decoction, dry ginger, cassia cinnamon, cardamom, mint and basil’s leaves should be used. First of all, grind them together to make the powder and then boil this powder in water until it change into a little thick. This decoction (deshi tea) is very useful and digestible. It is useful to cure coryza, pain and indigestion.

If you want to prepare any useful potable liquid like tea, first of all, make the powder by grinding 50 grams Arjuna bark, 5 grams dry ginger and 5 grams cassia cinnamon, 20 grams rose flower and 20 grams vicre leaves, 10 grams basil leaves and 10 grams cardamom together. After that, boil this powder in water according to tea method.

Colour: Tea is green, dusty and black.

Taste: It is pungent in taste.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Harmful: Tea is harmful for the patients who are the addicted of intoxicant medicines and suffer from insomnia. If such types of patients take tea, the disease will be very serious. Taking tea reduces sleep. The persons who suffer from acidity should not take tea because it is harmful for them. It generates asthma and dryness in the body.

Anorexia: Boiling tea for long time tannin named chemical element is generated from the tea which sticks on the inside walls of the stomach because of that appetite becomes lack. 

Vatta: Tea increases uric acid in urine. Uric acid increases rheumatism and joint’s spasm, so tea should not be given to the patient who suffers from vatta disorders. It dilutes the sperm so young person should take it with a long consideration. It makes the liver weak and absorbs the blood. It generates dryness and roughness in the skin because of that itching originates on the skin and skin becomes hard.

Bad effect Removal: Sugar and milk remove the bad effects of tea.

Compare: It can be compared with big cardamom, nutmeg, basil leaves and ginger.  

Dosage: 3 grams tea should be used.

Quality: Tea is useful for cool natured people. It causes heat in the body and makes the mind happy. It ends laziness and brings out sweat. It quenches over thirst and makes body active.  Tea ends the zeal of blood.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Coryza: If the patient suffers from coryza, headache, fever, cold cough caused by cold and owing to this reason, many symptoms occur as blowing water from the eyes and blowing phlegm from the nose, in this situation, give prepared tea to him. It brings out the sweat and provides relief in cold. Tea should not be drunk if coryza is dried, thick, and yellow with offensive phlegm and the patient suffers from headache.

2. To discharge excessive urine: Taking tea is useful to discharge excessive urine. Where excessive urination is must, tea should be taken.

3. Burnt: Immerse a clean cloth in boiled water of tea. Put this cloth on the burnt part and tie band-aid. Change this band-aid again and again. Its use cures the affected part and also ends the burnt marks on the skin.

4. Piles:

  • Grind leaves of tea with water then boil it. Applying this warm preparation on the moles of piles. The pain of the disease named piles is cured by its use.
  • Grind tea’s leaves then heat for preparing paste. Applying this warm paste on moles of piles. The moles start to fall after drying by applying this paste.

5. Dysentery: The tea contains Pauliphinol element which ends the viruses of dysentery. So, the patient of dysentery can take tea.  

6. Acidity: The tea is very harmful for the patient of acidity.

7. For reducing the obesity (Fatness):  Taking tea with mint is useful to decrease obesity.

8. To remove gloominess, depression and laziness: Boil tea leaves in the water and take it. It increases zeal in body and ends laziness or gloominess.

9. use reduces burning sensation and pain. 

10. Throat tumors: Boil tea’s leaves in the water and filter it. Gargling with this water is useful to cure throat tumors.