Techniques of massaging

Techniques of massaging


          Giving deep and direct pressure becomes essential to reduce the stress of shoulders and both sides of backbone.Oil is not used in excessive quantity in this method of massage because hands are not glissaded on large scale in this method.  Giving deep and direct pressure becomes essential to reduce the stress of shoulders and both sides of backbone. This gentle pressure should be given continuously. Remember one thing that no scratch should come on the thumb.  

  • Keep your thumb on the back under the neck. Your both elbows should remain straight. Bend on the thumb slowly. Keep on giving pressure for some time in this posture and then loose it. Remove thumb from the first place and keep it a little below. Thereafter, do this process. Make a circle moving on the muscles of shoulders. Start massage from the lower portion of waist to upwards. This massage ends the stiffness of both sides’ muscles of the body. 
  • Direction of the pressure can be changed in the need. Keep your both hands on the backbone and do this process upwardly. Do massage on one portion in this order and then massage on the other side of the backbone.    

Circular stroking:

          In circular stroking, keep your both hands at the distance of 15 centimeter and massage by moving in a circular way. Massage should be done in a half circular way by the upper hand whereas give pressure to the backbone and upwardly. Thus, first hand will have moved in a circular way before the second stroking of upper side hand whereas second hand will move only in a half circular way.  

Circular movement:

      Circular movement is such circular processes which are done continuously by the help of fleshy part of the palms. In this method, face is massaged in a circular way by pressing the tissues of face skin.

Deep stroking:

          Keep first and big fingers of your hands on the both sides of backbone under the neck. Give pressure of the body on your fingers. No slip them on the waist towards below. Repeat this process twice or thrice.

Feather touch:

          Feather touch massage provides lots of relief to the body of the patient. In this massage, light stroking should be done on both sides of the lower portion of the backbone with the help of upper portion of the fingers’ tips. Raise your finger after reaching at the middle of the waist and do this process by keeping the fingers on the neck. This massage should be done lightly and ably so that the patient may not become aware about its starting and end. Continue this massage as much time as you want.


          Kneading is considered a process as we knead flour. The movement of kneading is slow but deep. Its fast movement produces excitement. Its slow movement affects to the skin and muscles of the upper portion whereas its fast movement affects internal muscles. Kneading proves effective very much for shoulders, buttocks and thighs. Excessive oil is used in this process. Tight muscles of the body get looseness by doing massage in this way. Blood circulation becomes normal and toxic elements come out from the body by doing massage in this way.   

  • Keep your both hands face to face. Elbows should be out. Now grab the flesh of the body by the help of both hands grip by turns. Flesh should not be plucked in this process. Hands should remain in equal movement. Start this process from the buttocks and do on the other fleshy portions of the body.    
  • Do this process under the neck, on the upper side of the shoulder and arms. Pay excessive attention on the upper portion of the arms. Generally, muscles of the upper portion of the arms are too much stressed because such muscles are stretched to the upper portion of the waist. Therefore, upper portion of the body should be massaged. Upper portion of the waist should be massaged twice.

          Fingers are folded as they are folded when flour is kneaded and body is massaged in a circular way of kneading from lower portion to upper side. Massage can be done to excite the veins of the face or to provide relief to the face. But this thing depends on the kind of the skin. Kneading, patting, pinching prove very beneficial to excite the skin because such kinds of massages are deep and are done in fast way. Veins of the skin get relief. Skin demands gentle massage to sustain its smoothness. This massage increases to the blood circulation in the veins of the body and make them strong.  

Starting of massage:

          Clean your hands properly before the massage and remove the makeup with the help of cleanser. Remove the dirt and other polluted particles from the face with the help of a cotton wad by drenching in water. Veins of the skin of the face should remain far from any kind of injury. Hence, massage of the face should be done from below to upwardly and externally.

Panting and pinching:

          The skin gets excitement by doing massage in this way. In it, massage is done by patting rapidly with the help of 1, 2, 3 and 4 fingers. In pinching massage, skin of the face is lifted from below to upward by grasping the skin of the face with the help of thumb and fingers. The face gets relief by this kind of massage.

Scissor massage:

          In this method of massage, first and big fingers of both hands are crossed to each other like scissors. Thereafter, face is massaged by giving gentle pressure in a systematic way. This massage proves very beneficial for the forehead because bone under the forehead becomes equal.   


          In it, massage is done in a rhythmical, gentle and cursive way. Stroking in large numbers is used in this massage. Oil is rubbed all over the body in this process of stroking. Diversity comes in massage by doing so. Generally, slow movement provides leisure and fast movement provides excitement. Blood circulation becomes high by doing so because of which stress of the muscles disappears.

  • Keep your both hands on the right and left side of the lower portion of the waist. Both thumbs should be near to the backbone. Thereafter, bring your fingers to the upper portion of the waist by slipping the fingers. Give pressure of the body on the hands at the time of massage. It is the easiest stroking which is used to massage almost every part of the body.
  • Bring back your hands on the muscles of lower portion of neck. Now massage with your hands by stroking on the shoulders and arms and bring from the elbows to the lower portion of the hand. 
  • Bring to the lower portion of the waist by stroking with your both hands on the both sides of the patient’s body. Remember one thing that skin should be pulled while doing so. Move your hands in and upper side after reaching on the waist. Repeat this process ten times.   

          Fan stroking or alternate stroking can be used if you want. In fan stroking, hands are brought down by bringing hands outwardly on the lower ribs and by slipping hand in the armpit gently. Do this process from back to the shoulders. In alternate stroking, one hand moves in upward direction and another hand into below direction with equal movement.    

          Stroking massage is such kind a massage which provides relief to the skin and brings softness in the skin. Such processes are done with the help of fleshy portion of the tips of fingers or palms. Palms are slipped to make the continuity of the massage. Pressure should be strong while doing massage so that face may get relief.  

Vibration massage:

          In it, face is massaged by giving vibration with the help of fingers and hands. Face is pressed rapidly but gently on the different portions of the face with the help of vibrating hands and fingers and then hands are made loose. 

Final massage:

            To give final touch to the massage, start massage on the backbone under the neck with the help of first finger and big finger. Start gentle but continuous strokes with the help of both hands.