Telugo Potato




Telugo potato is an edible root which grows in the earth, so it is called “Jamikand”. Its plants are without stem and have big leaves. The petals of its tuber-root spread over the earth and get big shape like umbrella. There are two kinds of telugo potato- first is sweet and second is that causes itching (Khujli wali). Taking second kind of telugo potato causes mouth swelling and pungency. This tuber-root is smooth and creates pungency in the mouth and throat. It is grown in much quantity. Its pungency reduces by boiling it. Sweet telugo potato has more properties than the second one. It has no pungency. It is light pink or white. Sweet telugo potato is used for cooking saag (green cooked vegetable) and khujli telugo potato is used as medicines. Saag of sweet telugo potato is very tasty and interested. Telugo potato’s saag is the best in all other saags of tuber-roots. Kheer and puriyan are also prepared with telugo potato. Cooked vegetable is also prepared with its soft leaves, flowers and branches of telugo potato plant. Wash telugo potato with water and boil it on low flame then fry it with ghee or oil and mix black peppers and salt in it. It is very tasty and makes the body healthy. Tealgue potato can be stored for a long time. It is very beneficial in hemorrhoids, so it is called “Arshahan” in Sanskrit. Telugo potato’s saag is very useful for the hemorrhoids’ patients.

Precautions: Telugo potato causes itching, inflammation in the stomach and constipation. It brings the phlegm out and cures hemorrhoids. It is light and dry. It increases appetite and useful in piles. It is beneficial in colic pain and spleen problems.  

Quality: White or sweet telugo potato is pungent, small, dry, spicy, hot natured and peptic. It causes stomach inflammation and constipation. It eliminates the phlegm and bile. It is a good remedy in haemoptysis.

Red telugo potato (Khujli wala): It is small, pungent, spicy, peptic and tasty. It causes burning sensation and increases bile. It cures cough, vomiting and colic pain. It gets rid of pain and also ends the worms of the stomach.

Hemorrhoids: Toast 12 to 25 grams telugo potato and take mixing with rock salt and honey. Taking this mixture twice a day is useful to get relief in hemorrhoids.

According to scientists: Telugo potato contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, proteins and good amount of vitamin-A.

Precautions: Telugo potato is not beneficial for the patients of leprosy and ringworms as well as who has been suffering from disturbances in blood caused by bile. Telugo potato’s saag should not be thick. Taking much quantity of boiled telugo potato is harmful.

Fry the pieces of telugo potato with ghee and eat. This is a good remedy for hemorrhoids.

Make the powder by grinding 320 grams dried root of telugo potato, 160 grams lead wort and 20 grams black pepper together. Mix double quantity of jiggery (gur) in this powder and make tablets equal the big plum of this paste. Taking these tablets regularly ends all the types of hemorrhoids.  

Useful in different diseases:

1. Hemorrhoids: Grind telugo potato and fry it and take this preparation mixing with curd twice a day, it prevents bleeding from the warts of the piles.

2. Stomach worms: Taking telugo potato ends stomach worms and cures hemorrhoids.

 Telugo potato is an edible root which grows in the earth