Teramus Labialis


Name in different languages:

Latin             -         Jassieua suffruticosa

Hindi             -         Ban udad, Jungli urad, Mashvan,Mashoni

Sanskrit         -        Mashparni, Suryaparni,

                               Kamboji, Hay, Puchhika

Marathi          -         Ran urad

Gujrati           -         Jungle urad

Bengali          -         Bhashani, Bankalie


        Teramus labialis is small, greasy, pungent, sweet, cool, stimulant and makes the digestion system strong. It checks vatta and bile disorders but increases the phlegm. It enhances and filters the blood. It increases sexual power and face glow. It is antiphlogistic and lessens the burning sensation. Teramus labialis also enhances the sperm count. Teramus labialis is used for the treatment of paralysis, rheumatism, and tuberculosis. Its use prevents the sperm with urine. Its use heals up the wounds. A person gets rid of joints’ pain by its use. It also checks vatta and bile disorders.