Thatch Grass



Name in different languages:

Hindi             -              Kaas, Kaans, Kilak

Sanskrit         -              Kaas, Kaasekshu, Ekshugandha

Marathi          -              Kasai, Kaasegvat, Ksad

Gujrati          -               Kaansdo

Bengali          -              Keshoghas, Keshor, Keshe

English          -              Thatch grass,

Latin             -               Saccharum spontaneum


     Thatch grass is small in size and smooth. Its fruit is sweet and cool in nature. It increases strength of the body and stops loose motions. It checks bile disorders and enhances sperm count.  It eliminates stomach gas and removes the stones. It gets rid of urinary problems, haemoptysis, diseases caused by bile, chronic constipation, blood diarrhoea, blood piles, strangury, leucorrhoea and tuberculosis. Breast milk increases by taking thatch grass.