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Taking excessive quantity of tobacco is harmful for the heart and breath. Taking tobacco may be the cause of many types of diseases and death. Introduction:

       Tobacco is a type of group vegetation. Its plant is about 90 centimeters high. Mostly, people use tobacco for bidi and cigarettes. It is excessively used in smoking. Smoking is harmful for health.

Name in different languages:

Hindi           :        Tambacoo

Sanskrit      :        Tamal patra

Bengali       :        Tamak, Tamaku

Marathi       :        Tambacoo

Gujarati      :        Tmacoo

Parsian      :        Tambacoo

Quality: Tobacco may be the cause of vomiting. It cures asthma and ends vatta disorders and swelling.


Taking excessive quantity of tobacco is harmful for the heart and breath. Taking tobacco may be the cause of many types of diseases and death. Taking tobacco generates giddiness. By taking over quantity of it, sexual power reduces. Boys and elder should not take tobacco because it is harmful for health.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Testicels swelling: Coat sesamem oil on tobacco leaves and heat it. Tying these leaves on the testicels is useful to reduce testicles swelling.

2. Toothache:

  • Make the fine powder by grinding tobacco leaves with salt and brush with it twice a day regularly, it ends toothache and gums swelling.
  • Brushing with tobacco powder provides relief from toothache.

3. Asthma (Breathing problems): Put 250 milligrams tobacco ash in betel leaf and take it regularly, it cures asthma (Breathing problems. This process should be used regularly.

4. Cough: Make ash by burning tobacco wood (the wood which is used for smoking) thereafter collect it. Grind 12 milligrams this ash with 2 milligrams black salt and take, it cures fast cough and whooping cough.

5. Alopecia: Make ash by burning 20 grams tobacco and 20 grams ash of sweet scented oleander leaves together thereafter boil it with mustard oil and make cool. Alopecia is cured by applying this preparation on the head.

6. Night blindness: Grind dried leaves of tobacco and filter it with the help of cloth. Applying this powder in the eyes by stick twice a day regularly is useful to get relief in night blindness.

7. Waist pain: Coat some oil on the tobacco leaves and tie it on the waist, it provides relief from wait pain caused by chilled air.

8. Tetanus: Boil tobacco leaves with water and filter it. Spraying this water in the anus by syringe is beneficial to get relief in tetanus.

9. Rheumatism (Joints pain): Soak 1 kilogram tobacco in 3 liters water. Crush tobacco with this water and filter it. Mix sesamem oil in this water and rub it on the affected part twice a day regularly, it provides relief from rheumatism pain.

10. Intestines enlargement: Coat castor oil on tobacco leaf and heat it. Tying this hot leaf on the testicels is useful to get relief in pain and intestines enlargement.

11. Jaundice: Smoking of tobacco is useful to get relief in jaundice quickly.

12. Testicles swelling of the children: Coat castor oil on leaf of black tobacco and heat it. Tying this light hot leaf on the testicels is useful to end testicles swelling of the children.

13. Body swelling: Heat tobacco leaves on the fire and foment the affected part with it. It reduces swelling of the body.