Tonsillitis can occur in the throat of children by a little carelessness. Its period can be long if a person becomes the victim of this disease once. It can occur in young age too.

There are two fleshy nodes under the palate in the throat. Sometimes one or both nodes increase consequently, the patient feels difficulty during eating or drinking. Swallowing anything becomes difficult. It is called tonsillitis. In this disease, cold thing should not be given to the patient and avoid from operation. These are the essential part of the body.


In this disease, children feel a big difficulty while having food. The child feels pain during taking milk or water. Pharynx and mucus membrane become red because of swelling. Pus also make in this tonsillitis, if there is a delay in the treatment. When pus gets gathered internally, white color mucus membrane takes place on the tonsillitis. 

The patient feels excessive problem in breathing because of excessive swelling too. Symptoms of swelling appear below the ear. Tongue becomes filthy in this disease and stinking breath comes out from the mouth of the patient. Some boys and girls become the victim of catarrh before tonsillitis too. Headache may also occur. The patient suffers from hoarseness and he becomes unable in speaking clearly. The patient also suffers from fever.


Tonsillitis occurs due to dust of the house and outer, pollution and eating such types of products which are prepared form sour-sweet and oil and spices. The germs of this disease cause swelling in the throat tonsil after getting entered in children body with meals.

Meal and abstinence:  

  • The patient of tonsillitis should take liquid food-elements, Khichdi, etc.
  • The patient of tonsillitis should not take cold products and cold drinks. The foods which are prepared from ghee, oil and spices should not be taken.

For reading tips click below links      Such medicines are useful in tonsilitis:
1.     Pudding pipe tree:

Pudding pipe tree:

    Gargle with the decoction of bark of its tree to end swelling of the throat veins.
    2.     Zanthoxylum alatum:

    Zanthoxylum alatum:

      Take about ¼ parts to half gram powder of Zanthoxylum alatum twice a day; it reduces swelling of the throat gland. After that, gargle with the decoction of its fruit to get relief soon too.
      3.     Tragacanth gum:

      Tragacanth gum:

        Mix 10-20 grams puffed tragacanth gum with syrup of sugar candy and take it twice a day, it provides relief in the throat diseases.
        4.     Chhoti mai:

        Chhoti mai

          Gargle with decoction of its powder, it provides relief in throat.
          5.     Dry ginger:

          Dry ginger:

            Make the decoction by boiling dry ginger and bay-berry with water and then take it to get relief in tonsillitis.
            6.     Cubeb:


              Suck or chew cubeb to get relief in scrofula.
              7. Kamala:


                Mix kamala with oil and apply it on the affected part, it ends swelling of the throat gland.
                8. Cleome viscose:

                Cleome viscose:

                  Applying ground leaves of cleome viscose (Which flower is yellow) on the throat provides relief in throat.
                  9. Five leaved chast:

                  Five leaved chast:

                    • Take 10-20 grams juice of leaves of five leaves chast twice a day to get relief in throat swelling.
                    • Take the fine powder of nagdanti root and juice of five leaved chast leaves with Indian beech twice a day, it provides relief properly.