Tonsils are the mass of lymphoid tissues and are closed in the capsule of connecting tissue. They are of three kinds-

Pharyngeal tonsil:

     This tonsil is situated in the upper posterior wall of pharynx behind the nose. It is called luschka’s tonsil and adenoids too.

Palatine tonsil:

     They are situated at the middle portion of the fauces at the both sides of pharynx.

Lingual tonsil:

     These tonsils are situated on the root of the tongue.

     There is an absence of afferent vessels in the tonsils which separates them from lymph nodes. Several lymphocytes reach into the efferent lymphatics of tonsils. These cells are capable in leaving tonsils and in destroying the small bacteria which attack on the different portions of the body. These make a bend of lymphoid tissues by meeting with tonsils which is situated on the upper portions of the digestion and respiration system and from where external substance can get enter very easily. Most of infected minor bacteria are destroyed on the surface. Presence of plasma cells inside the tonsils indicates the production of antibodies.

     Generally, tonsils do the work to check the infection but they can get infected themselves too.  In some cases, doctor suggest to removal of vagina