Toothache Tree



Name in different languages:

English        :        Toothache tree

Hindi           :        Tejbal

Sanskrit      :        Tejovati, Tejaswani

Marathi       :        Tejbal

Gujarati      :        Tejbal

Bengali       :        Tejbal

Latin           :        Zanthosylum hostile


       Toothache tree is pungent and bitter in taste, cool in nature, stimulating and digestible. It is used for the treatment of anorexia, tridosh (vatta, pitta and kapha), hiccup, cough, indigestion, mouth diseases, piles and teeth diseases. Its bark is pungent like red chilly.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Opium poison: Grind bark or wood of toothache tree with water,  and filter it and take 250 ml this water repeatedly, it alleviates opium poisoning.

2. Wound: Applying ground gum of toothache tree on the affected part is useful to cure wound.