Tragia Involucrata



Name in different languages:

Latin                -        Tragia involucrata

Hindi                -        Brahanta, Barhanta

Sanskrit            -      Vershichkali, Virupa, Dhoompushpa

Marathi             -       Khaaj kopli, Kanchkuri

Gujrati              -        Moti khaajavnini bel

Bengali             -       Bichhuti


        Tragia involucrata increases sweat, sperm count and urine. If the patient suffers from chilliness and spasm during normal fever, prepare a decoction by boiling the root of tragia involucrate plant. Taking about 5 to 10 ml this decoction provides relief. Give this decoction to the patient of bronchitis for good result.

        Grind the root of tragia involucrata plant with basil leaves’ juice. Apply this mixture on the affected part to end itching, scabies, thatching and other skin diseases.