Treatment by sun rays

There are many diseases that can be cured by sun rays easily.

Sun rays are very beneficial for our body. (Physical requirements of human body are fulfilled by sunrays.) The supply of physical power of human body is also done by sun rays. We get sun rays in two forms. First, we take them on our naked body directly. In second form, we get them through plants-herbs, birds-animals and sustenance (food). Plants absorb sun rays in the form of protein, vitamins and in other forms. Birds and animals get sunlight in the form of fat, color and vitamins. It is supposed that plants absorb 0.15 percent portion of sun rays. Ninety percent sunlight is absorbed by the sea plants. Thus, plants absorb only 0.15 percent sun light. Sunlight destroys harmful bacteria. Plants provide food, herbs and oil by absorbing sun rays. Because of these qualities, sun rays are used to cure different types of ailments as given below: