Turpeth Root



Names: Turpeth root helps to make the stomach clean and cures fever cause is also known by the names as Triputa, Shweta, Sarla, Nishotra and others.

Quality: White turpeth root helps to make the stomach clean and cures fever caused by Tridoshas. It also cures Kapha, swelling and stomach diseases.

Useful for Different Diseases:

1. Constipation: Grind stem of white turpeth root and mix long pepper and rock salt. Taking about 6 grams this powder breaks the constipation.

2. Piles: Grind equal quantity of turpeth root, aloe veera, white catechu and radish juice together and keep for 24 hours. Prepare half-gram tablets with this preparation and dry in shadow. Taking 1-2 tablets twice a day regularly ends piles’ moles.

3. Fistula: Grind turpeth root, sesame, purgative croton, madder root and rock salt with ghee and honey and prepare paste and apply this paste on the affected part, it cures fistula.

4. Indigestion: Grind 50 grams turpeth root, 10 grams pepper and 25 grams sugar altogether and prepare powder. Licking 14 spoon of this powder with honey, it provides relief in this disease.

5. Jaundice: Mix turpeth root powder with sugar and take 10 grams this mixture twice a day regularly, it cures jaundice.