Ultraviolet rays


      Ultraviolet rays are also known as invisible rays or astrum rays. In Hindi, it is known as ‘Parakasani kiran’. These rays have many properties.  Ultraviolet rays are also known as invisible rays or astrum rays. In Hindi, it is known as ‘Parakasani kiran’. These rays have many properties. By the influence of it, bacteria of dangerous diseases are destroyed soon. In these rays, anti-poisoning capability presents more than allopathic medicine (English medicine) named ‘Iodine’. These rays are the natural source of vitamin. They have enough healthy and vital properties, but getting it naturally is very difficult, because after crossing moist and dusty environment, they come to us in little amount. These rays can be gotten only in the morning (when sun rises) in little with naked body. It has proved that these rays are not able to cross even thinnest clothes. Our body does not able to get this gift given by nature due to covering the body with many clothes all the time.  That’s why, health specialist advices to take air in open field before sunrise with naked head and body and giving water in front of the sun with naked body. But, in present day (modern age), very few people will get benefits from ultra-violet rays. When these rays fall on crops in the morning, the crops absorbed these rays. It helps in their growth. In this way, when these rays fall on the naked body of any person, they enhance vitamin ‘D’ in the blood after entering through skin and also increase vital power in the body causing increment of RBC in the blood and make our body healthy and disease free. According to Dr. Berner Macphadon, these rays also increase calcium in the blood by their miracle properties. Therefore, they are very useful than cod-liver. It has also proved that ultra-violet rays enhance the influence of vitamin ‘A’. Most of the talented natural doctors of the world say that these rays generate equality between WBC and RBC, calcium, phosphorus, phosphate, iodine, iron, etc. According to a famous doctor of Switzerland, the people who live in town are kept their body covered completely due to which, these life rays do not able to fall on their body and become the victim of different diseases.         


        When we cover the grass of any place, greenness of that place is disappeared and the grass is dried after becoming white completely, because the grass does not get these rays while it gets sufficient nutritive elements from the earth. It also happens in the case of human. In the plant’s cells, green blood goes on running, which is called ‘Chlorophyll’ and red blood is circulating in the human body, which is called ‘Hemoglobin’. This red blood needs as much ultra-violet rays as the plants need. The people who live in town have to deceive from these rays due to covering their body with many clothes or due to any other reason. Sea beach and mountain are two such places where these rays are found enough. These rays provide benefit after falling on the outer skin of human body as well as they also leave beneficial affects on the internal functional systems.   

        When sunrays fall on objects like- silk clothes, shiny things, crystal, etc., they are divided into different colors of rainbow and after dividing, when ultra violet rays fall on the body, it is beneficial for health. These rays can not cross a glass, so rays coming after crossing a glass are not beneficial. These rays are crossed out easily through billor crystals and are very effective for our health. On the basis of this principle, our ancestors had made the rule of putting gems on the body. About the healing ability of sunrays, the researchers say that ultra violet rays is very useful for our health. In present time, many instruments have discovered for getting these rays, but these rays obtained from instruments are not as much beneficial as obtained from sunrays directly.          

        By the use of ultra violet rays, ailments like- skin diseases, wounds, boils, pimples, sinus, rickets, chronic fever, etc., are eliminated wonderfully. Deep wounds, on which drugs make no impression, are cured by these rays. In the case of infantile curved bones, curviness of the bones is eliminated by ultra violet rays. If woman, who feed her baby, take these rays, the baby also remains healthy. Ultra violet rays are much beneficial in diabetes, hysteria, menses troubles, etc. By the use of these rays, T.B. can be also eliminated. Like infrared rays, these rays can not be used normally too. Therefore, artificial ultra violet rays (obtained from instrument) are used in diseases.