Use of artificial eyelids

Use of artificial eyelids


        Eyes come on the first place in improving face beauty and in attracting any person’s attention because one peeps into another’s eyes at meeting. Eyes make your face attractive and smart. Several efforts are done by the women to make their eyes beautiful. Cream, powder (eye shadow), mascara, eyeliner is used for the make of eyes on one hand whereas artificial eyelids are used by the women or bride to make eyes intoxicating and deep on the other hand. 

          Indian women are lucky in the matter of eyelids because they posses beautiful and long eyelids. If someone has not long and beautiful eyelids, she can hide this drawback by using artificial eyelids. But in this modern age, artificial eyelids are planted on the eyes. Yet, artificial eyelids are used on large scale.  

          Artificial eyelids also contain some drawbacks as fear of eyelids’ separation because of blinking or itching eyes and less or too much quantity of gum. These artificial eyelids are available in different colors. Eyelids of different colors affect differently. For example, black eyelids give a look of deep lake. These eyelids are made from the hair of men, horses or plastic. 

Setting of artificial eyelids:

  • Artificial eyelids are fitted on the eyelids after eyes’ make up but they are fitted before applying eyeliner.
  • There should be no grease or other lubricant substance on the eyes before fitting artificial eyelids. Artificial eyelids can be fitted on the eyes after perming. It looks very attractive. Thereafter, observing it is very necessary that there should be no mascara on the real eyelids.
  • Artificial eyelids are made curly with the help of eyelash curler before fitting eyelids. Do so if eyes are without perming.
  • Now, apply special wax existed in the kit on the real eyelids for applying artificial eyelids. Now, stick artificial eyelids into the root of real eyelids. 
  • Apply eyeliner to hide root of artificial eyelids.
  • Now, mix real and artificial eyelids altogether and apply one coat of mascara to give them real look.