Use of hot air



  For this purpose, we should make the patient as sitting on a chair or bed and then should cover a big and thick blanket on the patient with chair or bed in this way that air can not able to enter inside blanket.         When the skin of our body comes with the contact of hot air or steam, by its influence, the pores are opened and body wastes come out through these pores in the form of sweat. For the treatment of disease, hot air (steam) is used to generate sweat by that crop of wastes of our body come out with sweat and our body becomes disease free. In the famous granthas of Ayurvedas named ‘Charak Sanhita’, there are 13 ways have described for generating sweat by the use of steam (hot air) and 10 process of generating sweat without the help of fire have described, in which exercise, wearing heavy and warm clothes, wrestling, living in hot place, fasting, etc. are important processes.  

Steam bath no (1)-

         For this purpose, we should make the patient as sitting on a chair or bed and then should cover a big and thick blanket on the patient with chair or bed in this way that air can not able to enter inside blanket. After that, a wet towel should be kept on his head and a burning earthen lamp or fire without smoke should be kept under his chair carefully. While this activity, sometimes the patient’s feet are kept in hot water according to need. By this activity, sweat comes out from his body profusely.

         Steam bath is very useful for the people having additional fat on their body. After taking steam bath only 2-3 times, decreases additional fat. Besides it, steam bath is also very effective in cases like- joints pain, diseases related with breathing, cough. After this bath, the whole body of the patient is wiped with wet towel properly or taking complete bath with cold water is necessary. These activities should be done in a closed room.

Steam bath no (2)-

        This bath is called ‘Dry pack’. In this bath, blankets are wrapped on the whole body and allow the patient in this position for minimum 1 hour. Hot water is given to the patient during this bath resulting sweating starts in no time and disease starts recovering. This bath is very beneficial in diseases like malaria fever and fatness.

        After taking this bath, the whole body should be wiped with a wet towel.                


        Tircus bath is also a type of steam bath. For this purpose, first of all, clean the head and face by washing them with cold water after making him naked, then he is made as sitting on a stool in a closed room. Room temperature is increased up to 200°F slowly. Normally, perspiration starts at a temperature of 140°F to 180°F. After this bath, a cold shower should be taken or the body should be wiped with cold towel. It makes the nervous systems and blood bank strong. It is very beneficial in gout, waist pain, joints pain, paralysis, chronic indigestion, etc.          

Russian bath

        For this purpose, the patient should sit with naked body in a room filled with steam for about 15 to 20 minutes. After this bath, a cold shower should be taken or the full body should be wiped with a cold towel. It is much benefited in gout and catarrh. Besides them, it ends different types of disorders related to skin.

Bathing with hot air made by coal fire (Karpu Swed)-

         For this purpose, first of all, the patient should sit on a wooden bench after removing all his clothes (as naked) opposite to the wall in a closed room. After that, coals fire should be kept in a pot and should be place it at the center of that room. Now the patient should cover his body completely with a piece of cloth and fire pot should be also taken it inside cloth. After that, 1-2 more blankets should also cover on the body and the face should be allowed as open. A cold towel should be put on the head while taking this bath and it should be changed after becoming hot. By doing like that, perspiration starts within 4-5 minutes. After 15-20 minutes and coming sweat profusely, covered cloth and blankets should be removed from his body, but careful that the body should be exposed to air. After that, perspiration should be wiped with a towel and then a cold shower should be taken. Now he should put on warm clothes and lie down for about 1 hour or sleep. This type of bath can be taken by putting coal fire under the bed and covering the body with cloth. It is known as ‘Karpu Swed’ in Ayurvedic granthas ‘Charak Sanhita’.

Benefits of Karpu swed:-

        According to Dr. Stockholm, even a healthy person should also take this bath minimum once in a week.

       The patient should take this bath every second or third day (at the intervals of 2-3 days) according to amelioration or aggravation of his disease. The weakness of the patient ends by taking this bath and he becomes strong day after day. The patient can feels little weakness after first or second bath due to removing body dirt, but after few bath, strength starts coming in the body. It glows the skin color. It helps in proper circulation of blood in the entire body and blood becomes pure and fresh by that crop of the brain becomes fresh and enhances intellectual power. It is very beneficial in diseases like- blood disordering, swelling, poison of rabbis, scrofula, malaria, T.B., skin diseases, syphilis, typhoid, cold and catarrh, cough, gout, joints pain, headache, fatness, diseases of the liver and bladder, chronic dysentery, etc. In the case of fever coming with cold, body sweat should be removed out by this bath before feeling cold. After taking this bath only for 3-4 days, fever is eliminated. This bath should be taken daily during joints pain. Even pregnant can also take this bath in case of any diseases. It provides a lot of benefit to her.

Bathing with hot air made by hot stone (Ashwamahan Swed)-

        For this purpose, a big and flat stone is heated in fire and then a blanket or any other bed is spread on in after washing. Now make the patient as lying down on it after putting off all his clothes (as naked) and cover his body with a blanket. The patient’s body should be massaged with oil before making him lie.

        By doing so, the body pores are opened causes perspiration from his body. This bath is known as ‘Ashwamahan Swed’.

Bathing with hot air made by hot soil (Bhuswed)-

        In this method, the earth (soil) is heated instead of stone and the patient is made as lying down on it for perspiration. It is also known as ‘Bhuswed’.

Bathing with hot air fragrant by kashthaushadhi (wooden medicines) (Kutee swed)-

         For this purpose, the paste of hot drugs- cinnamon, dry ginger, etc. is applied on the patient’s body after that allow the patient in a room (in which there is no any arrangement of coming and going of air but proper light should have in this room) after making it hot by fire so that perspiration starts coming. This type of bath is called ‘Kutee swed’.

Bathing with hot air produced by burning kashthaushadhi (wooden medicines) no- 1

(Jetank swed snan)-

        For this purpose, a room should be made hot by burning woods after closing and then patient’s body should be massaged with oil. Now allow him to enter in that room. When sweat came out properly, we should take him out carefully and give a shower of cold or lukewarm water. This type of bath is given in violent cough. It is called ‘Jetank swed’.

Bathing with hot air produced by burning kashthaushadhi (wooden medicines) no- 2

(Koop snan)-

        In this case, dung of hoarse, ass, elephant or camel, etc. are burnt in a deep pit or a dry well. When smoke stopped to come out after burning of dung completely, the patient is made as lying down on a bed keeping near the mouth of well or pit by covering him with a blanket. After little while, perspiration starts from his body.

Bathing with hot air produced by burning kashthaushadhi (wooden medicines) no- 3

(Holak snan)-

        Dung is burnt in a long brass utensil (pot). When this utensil becomes hot and as tolerable, the patient is made as lying down in it and covers with warm clothes. This type of bath is called ‘Holak snan’.


        For this bath, a bench and three pots (having capacity of about 2-3 liters of water) are required. First of all, keep all three pots on flame until boil and stream comes out. Now, let the patient lying down on bench with naked body and then his body should be covered with a long blanket or bed sheet. This blanket/bed sheet put on his body in this way that all the body with bench covered completely and steam does not able to pass out while bathing. Lids should be put on these pots so that less or much steam can be taken according to need. After 15-20 minutes of this bath, the patient should lye down on his stomach in this way that perspiration starts from his stomach, abdomen and chest by getting much steam. If perspiration does not come out, don’t worry, because perspiration will start from both his head and legs. The patient who does not perspire easily, he should cover his face too while taking bath, but after coming out perspiration, cloth should be removed out from his face immediately. The patient who perspire easily, there is no need of covering his face. In the case of an adult, two pots are needed for this bath and for children, only one pot is needed. Steam bath should be taken according the condition of patient. If perspiration starts while taking this bath, it should be allowed up to 20 minutes. The organs of the body, having additional waste fluid caused by disease, secrets sweat after long time. On these organs, steam bath should be given as much as they can tolerate it. After ending this bath, blanket/bed sheet should be removed out from the body only in a room. It should be remembered that the patient should not go in open air just after taking this bath.    

         After taking this bath, the patient must take cold shower. Before and after stomach bath, the patient should wipe his whole body with wet towel so that other parts also became cold. As well as heated iron is made strong by extinguishing it in water, making the body cold by cold water after taking this type of hot bath, the body becomes healthy, strong and powerful. After taking steam bath, the body becomes cold by taking cold shower. So walk for sometime in outside after cold shower so that the body can get heat again. The person, who is weak, should cover his body for getting heat.   

      According to ayurveda, steam bath should be taken only after massaging the body with oil, but European doctor does not concur. This type of bath should not be taken more than two times in a week and it can be taken for 25 to 30 minutes in summer and 30 to 45 minutes in winter. If this bath has to taken more times than it, advice should be taken from an expert, because the body can become weak by taking this bath for long time. During this bath, drinking hot water is more beneficial. This type of bath should be taken only in a closed room where air can not able to enter. During this bath, if the patient becomes unconscious, cold water should be sprinkled on his face and after becoming conscious, he should take bath of stomach and genitals (penis or vagina). Before taking steam bath, the mouth and body should be washed well with cold water. After that, the body should be covered with a blanket before drinking a glass of water. During this bath, it is necessary to wrap wet towel on the head. After this bath, the patient should remain in this position up to 10 minutes and wipe facial sweat with a piece of dry cloth and then it (cloth) should be given to the patient so that he goes on making his body cold by rubbing. After drying this cloth, it should be made cold again by wetting it. In this way, he should wipe his body inside blanket until whole the body became cold. This activity (wiping) can be done by another person too.    

        After an hour of taking this bath, drinking a glass of cold water after adding lemon juice in it is beneficial. Before this bath, bowels should be cleaned by anima. Before and after 4-5 hours of this bath, food should not be taken.     

Benefits of hot steam bath:-

        By taking this bath regularly, the skin starts doing its natural functions. By taking this bath, disease of our body are cured soon like- all types of gout, enlargement of stomach, chronic cold, all types of stomach diseases, scabs, itching, other disease of skin, all types of swelling and pain, heat (syphilis), gonorrhea, gall bladder, ribs pain, respiratory disease, fever, rheumatism, joints pain, swelling, bladder, liver diseases, etc.   


        Old and physically weak people and the patient suffering from any disease, pregnant women suffered from blood bile, burnt person by fire, person who intake poison, diabetes patient, in the case of bile dysentery, lungs diseases, unconsciousness, jaundice, acute fever, eyes diseases, mental disorders, enlargement of liver, fit, heart patients, T.B. patients and the person suffered from hot blowing air should not take this bath.  

Vapour bath

        For normal vapor bath, the patient should sit on a chair with putting both his legs separately in two pots of hot water in a closed room. Boiled water in a pot should be put under the chair. After sitting on the chair, he should cover himself with a big blanket in this way that his whole body is covered including chair except his head. It helps in perspiration profusely from his body. Now, he should put on clean clothes after washing his full body with cold water. 


        People whose skin remains moist all the time should not take this bath, because it can be harmful for him instead of benefits. This type of bath should be also taken regularly and for little while like that of hot steam bath otherwise it becomes harmful in the place of benefits.

Bathing with hot steam produced by burning kashthaushadhi (wooden medicines) no- 1 (Prastar-swed):-

        For this bath, leaves of neem, aak or arand (castor plant) should be spread on the bed. After that, the patient should be made lying down on the bed for bath and his body should be also covered with these leaves (that helps in perspiration) and then cover his body with a bed sheet. When his whole body is wet with sweat, the leaves on his body should be removed internally without removing bed sheet and also wipe sweat coming on the body. After that, whole the body is wiped with a towel or a piece of cloth soaked in cold water.

        This type of bath is beneficial in fever. It is also known as ‘Prastar-swed’.     

Bathing with hot steam produced by burning kashthaushadhi (wooden medicines) no- 2 (Kumbhi-swed):-

        An earthen pot is filled with decoction of drugs that are responsible for sweat and then this pot is fixed (implanted) inside soil up to its neck. After that, a burning red iron is extinguished in it and then a chair or bed is kept above this pot. Now the patient should be made as lying down on this bed and a blanket should be put on his body. After sometimes, perspiration starts from his body. This type of bath is also known as ‘Kumbhi-swed’.    

Partial steam bath-

        There are few such diseases found in our body, for the treatment of which, steam is given only on that particular part like- boils, glands, pain of plague, etc. Like hot steam bath, this bath is also taken by keeping the affected part above steam of pot as covered. After bath, it is necessary to place a Patti soaked in cold water on that part for little while. By taking this bath, morbid fluid present in the part of the body is spread after melting. By this bath, pus is come out from boils or wounds and then they are healed (dried up).  This bath should be taken up to 10 minutes in the eyes and mouth and up to 20 minutes in other parts of the body. In different types of gynecology diseases and menses related disorders, retention of urine, dysentery, etc. taking steam bath of navel and abdomen is very beneficial. For this purpose, only pot is needed and it can be changed according to need. After this bath, bath of genitals is beneficial for providing cold after wiping that part with a wet towel soaked in cold water. This bath should be taken until the patient starts feeling cold. If steam bath is taken carefully, it provides benefit wonderfully.     

     In the case of headache and throat diseases, steam bath should be given on the patient’s neck. Neck bath is taken until perspiration started. By perspiration, body pain especially toothache is eliminated. While giving steam bath of neck, if the head and chest of the patient became hot, these parts should be washed with cold water immediately. Taking bath of genitals or abdomen is also beneficial with this bath. If pain starts again, body and neck bath should be taken one after another. While taking throat and mouth bath, cold water should be gargled and the whole body should be wiped with wet towel in the condition of perspiration after stopping bath for sometimes. Partial hot steam bath is very effective in diphtheria, whooping cough, paralysis, joints pain, all types of fever, all types of internal and external swelling, biting of poisonous insects, biting of mad dogs, strain, eczema, wounds, piles, chest pain, glaucoma, etc.


        In the disorders of testicles, heart and eyes diseases, etc., this bath should not be given to the patient and if needed, little of this bath should be given and later the whole body of the patient must be cleaned with cold water.

Partial bathing with hot steam produced by burning kashthaushadhi (nadi-swed):-

        For this purpose, first of all, the leaves, roots or fruits of kashthaushadhi (having healing ability of gout, phlegm) like arand (castor plant), aak, etc. are collected in a pot and then they should be cooked on fire after adding water, salt, oil, etc. in them. When vapor starts coming out, this vapor should be given on the affected part with the help of a pipe. By doing so, disease will be ameliorated with coming out sweat on that part. This bath is also known as ‘Nadi-swed’.

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