Using process of sun rays


For curing diseases, the colorful rays of the sun are used by following methods:

  • Using these rays by passing them through colorful bottles.For this purpose, take a piece of colorful glass and it should be framed with wood so that it can not able to break.
  • Using these rays after passing through water.Using these rays through air.
  • Using these rays by putting them in oil.
  • Using these rays by putting them in sugar candy or milk dissolve sugar in it.
  • Using these rays after charging water with them as patti.
  • As patti of soil mixed in water charged by these rays.

Above seven methods are decribed in brief:-

Passing colorful sunrays through colorful bottles:-

       For this purpose, take a piece of colorful glass and it should be framed with wood so that it can not able to break. When we have to give a particular color of ray on the sick part, take a piece of glass of that color and should allow that color fall on the affected part with placing the glass near it. Taking bath with colorful rays of the sun on naked part is very beneficial. If we have to give the particular color of rays on the full body, we should choose such a room in which enough sunlight comes and the windows should have proper arrangement of setting and removing colorful glass according to need. The color of sunrays, which are needed, glass of that color should be set on the window in front of the sun and should close all the other windows and doors of that room so that only required color can come in to the room, but not any other color. In this room, we can give bath of any color of sunrays.  If a person suffers from fever, we should make him in a room of blue glass and give bath of blue rays of sun. It ameliorates fever. In this way, giving this bath many times cures fever completely.       

        For taking bath by colorful rays of the sun, a type of instrument named ‘Thermolume’ is available in the market. By sitting in this instrument, the patient can take bath of colorful rays easily. With the help of this instrument, bath can be given on any particular part of the body. for this purpose, after lying down in this instrument, all the body parts are covered with clothes except that particular part. By the use of this instrument, the patient gets the benefits of both sun-heat and sun-light together. This instrument is like that of the shape of a box. It has arrangement for fitting glass in one or all sides.      


        In rainy season, sometimes sunrays are absent, and then in place of it, we should take such a lamp that is close from three sides and open from one side. The open side has arrangement for fitting and removing glass and the lid of its outer glass should be round and protuberant (raised). Presence of reflector behind the batti of lamp is best. We should careful while giving colorful rays on the patient that any other light should not be fall on that part. The lamp should be put on a small table or stool near his head and should allow falling required light on his body. In this way, colorful light can be given on a particular part too. 

        If there is no arrangement of fitting and removing colorful glass in the lamp, glass can be put in front of lamp light as substitute of it. Mainly red, green, yellow, dark blue, sky blue and orange color glass is used for this purpose.

Passing the colorful rays of the sun through water:

         Water is used for treatment after charging by the seven colorful rays of the sun with the help of bottles of that color. For this purpose, colorful bottles should be taken and their color should be pure.

        As much blue bottle will dark colored as water prepared from it will little hot, nutritive, responsible for constipation and provide peace while as much it will light colored as the water prepared from it will less effective. In this way, as much green bottle will pure as the water prepared from it will have more ability to cure diseases. Yellow bottle will as much red as it will hot while as much yellow color will present as it will less hot. Red color is too hot. The bottle of this color will as much red as the water prepared from it will more effective. If pure colored bottle of any color is not available, white bottle can be used for this purpose after wrapping required color of cellophane paper on it.  The bottle used of preparing water is cleaned from inside and outside properly. After that, pure and fresh water is filled in the bottle by leaving little space after filtering by a piece of cloth. Now close the bottle with a glass lid or cork of that color and should be put on a wooden table or stool after cleaning it with a piece of cloth well on a place where sunlight goes on falling from 10 am to 5 pm. After leaving it for whole day, when vapour drops are appeared in empty space, we should consider that medicinal properties have come in it. Now this bottle should be kept store in any wooden almirah and later this water can be used according to need.


       Water bottle charged by sunrays should never be put on the ground otherwise the earth will absorb all the properties of this water. The light of the moon, stars and diyas (earthen lamp) should not be allowed also to fall on this water, because the medicinal properties of water are also destroyed by it. This water should not used for treatment until it is hot. Different colors of water bottle should not be stored together and also should not charge them in sunlight together, because different colors have different properties.

        If water charged by sunrays is kept in white bottle, its medicinal properties can be used as treatment up to 24 hours and if this water is stored in the same color of bottle, its properties remain in it up to 72 hours. This water is used both as drinking and massaging. For drinking, this water can be given to small children as half spoon and to an adult; it is given as 2 spoons to 20 g.      


        The water charged by sunrays can be given as medicine 3 to 8 times in a day. Its dosage depends on the physical condition and nature of the patient.

        Patti of wet cloth soaked in water charged by sunrays is more effective than Patti of wet cloth soaked in normal water. Like that, soil wetted with water charged by sunrays is more beneficial than soil wetted with normal water.

Using sunrays through the medium of air:

        For this purpose, empty color bottles are kept with closing them tightly in sunlight like that of color bottles filled with water and then different types of diseases can be eliminated by entering air present inside these bottle in the patient’s body through his nose. Air present in the color bottle is charged (medicinal properties come) by keeping it for only one hour under sunlight. Besides it, all the rules about keeping empty bottles under sunlight are same like that of keeping color bottles filled with water.    

        The patient can be cured by allowing him to inhale air, full of medicinal properties, of color bottles. Example- after charging air inside 5-6 bottles of yellow color, we should allow the patient to inhale deeply this air by placing bottle (after removing its corks) near his right nostril and then the bottle should be closed with cork tightly. This air should be inhaled 5-6 times a day. Bottle air should be inhaled only through right nostril and should hold this air inside the body for little while.

        By this treatment, all types of stomach related diseases are eliminated. Like yellow color bottle, air of the bottle of other color can be also used for treatment.

        The patient suffering from constipation should take in air of yellow bottle through mouth; in stomachache, roaring sound inside the stomach, liver and ribs enlargement, etc., this air should be dragged only by nose and in the cases like- asthma, gastric, menses disorders, lungs diseases, etc., this air should be dragged by both the mouth and nose. In this way, air of deep blue bottle should be taken by mouth in cough and hiccup and in the cases of cold and insomnia; it should be dragged by nose. Air of red bottle should be allowed to smell to only those collapse patients whose body has become cold, pulse has been stopped so that he will become conscious, this air should not be allowed to other patients, because it can being harmful for them. 

Use of sunrays by charging oil:-

        As water is charged with sunrays, oil is also charged with these rays. Only one difference between them is water is charged within 8 hours, but for charging oil, it should be kept under sunlight up to 40 days in summer and about 60 days in winter. Normally mustard or olive oil is charged by sunrays for treatment. But for gout, using sesamum or linseed oil is very useful.

        Oil charged in green bottle is very beneficial in skin diseases. By applying this oil on the head calms down mental warmth. By applying this oil on hairs, grey hairs are also become black. By apply this oil on the rear of the head; nightfall and other sperm disease are eliminated. In syphilis, it is more effective. In this way, oil charged in other colors of bottles is used in different diseases.   

Using sunrays after charging sugar candy or milk dissolve sugar in it:

        Charged sugar candy, sugar or milk, homoeopathic sweet balls, etc. are used when water does not able to charged by sunrays in rainy season. Sugar candy is charged easily in the month of April to June. Therefore, in these days, all types of colorful bottles should be kept under sunlight after cleaning well and filled them with the mixture of sugar candy, sugar or milk dissolve sugar in it. After keeping sugar or sugar candy under sunlight up to 3 months, medicinal properties come in them.   

Using patti of wet cloth soaked in water charged by sunrays:-

        In the case of disease due to deficiency of any color in the body, if it is necessary to put wet Patti on the whole body or a particular part of it according to naturopathy, putting cloth Patti soaked in charged water is beneficial. Example-

        For the treatment of all types of fevers, the entire body is wrapped with wet bed sheet or Patti of wet cloth is used only on lower abdomen which is beneficial in fever. For this purpose, water charged in sky blue bottle is used but not used normal water.   

Using soil Patti wetted by charged water:

        By using Patti of soil wetted by charged water, the sufferer gets more benefits and soon.