Vallaris Heynei Spreng



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[ V ] Related Medicines:

Name in different languages:

Hindi           -                 Ramshar, Ramsar

Sanskrit      -                  Bhadravalli, Aasfota

Nepali         -                  Putthapodar yarala

Bengali       -                  Haparmali

Urriya         -                  Hapar Mali

Latin           -                  Vallaris heynei spreng


          Vallaris heynei spreng’s branch has the same qualities as plum beyo zerlanica has. It also has the power of abort like plum beyo zerlanica. Mix sandal oil and camphor in Haparmali milk. Apply it on the tumor and pimples. It cures all the types of skin diseases. Wounds fill soon by applying this milk on the wounds and affected parts.

          Its milk creates excitement. This milk provides relief in the inflammation of nails. Its peel destroys swelling too.