Colour: It is yellow and red.

Taste: It is spicy.

Structure: Varas is a type of tree. Its seeds are like sesame. Its plants burst themselves after 20 years. It has fibers like saffron.

Nature: It is hot and dry.

Precautions: It may be harmful for the lungs.

Removing side-effects: Mastangi, honey and sterculia urens (katira) remove its all side-effects.

Comparison: It can be compared with saffron.

Dosage: It is taken in the quantity of 3 grams.


Mostly, it alleviates poisoning and makes the body powerful. It provides happiness and checks insanity. Its paste is used to cure face freckles and black marks of the body. It eliminates gas and enhances the sperm count. It removes the stones of the kidney and urinary bladder.