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[ V ] Related Medicines:

Useful in different diseases:

1. Sperm deficiency:  Taking 1-2 grams Vidhara seeds powder ends the lack of sperm. This medicine should be taken twice a day.

2. Elephantiasis: Take 2-4 grams Vidhara seeds with 7-14 ml cow urine twice a day. Vidhara seeds should immerse in prickly chalf flower juice and should dry in sunlight before use.

3. Tumor Wounds:  Apply caster oil on Vidhara leaves and tie on the tumor’s wounds after heating it little.

4. Constipation:  Taking 3-6 gram Vidhara roots is very useful to break constipation.

5. Weakness: Weakness ends by taking Vidhara roots with sugar candy mixed milk twice a day.

6. Sperm disease:  Boil 100 grams Vidhara root with 1 litre milk and mix ghee. Take 20 grams this preparation after meal. Its use ends sperm diseases.

7. Finger swelling: Grind 3 grams Vidhara root and apply on the fingers to end the swelling of fingers.