White Flecks



        In this disease, spots like white flecks are appeared on the skin of many body parts. Sometimes, these flecks are big in size. These flecks are as ugly as end the beauty of the body. when this disease begins, it appears like a small spots on any body parts due to deficiency of pigment, but slowly such type of flecks start multiplying from up to downwards. Like white flecks, there is also another disease too, known as tapjapsaphav. This type of disease occurs due to absence of pigment on the skin. In this disease, big flecks are appeared on the skin in milky white appearance. These flecks remain surrounded by pigment and appear in round shape. The patient suffering from this disease is looking very ugly and due to this disease, there is a possibility of inferiority in him/her.


         Mostly, this type of disease is hereditary. It can occur in any stage of life- childhood, youth or old. There are various conditions responsible for this disease that occurs due to any type of hurt/injury. Later, these flecks are become big and start multiplying. If white flecks are appeared on the skull, the hairs of the affected area are also faded. In addition to hereditary reason, it can be also occurred due to deficiency of vitamin ‘A’ and ‘D’ in diet.

Treatment of this disease through magneto therapy-

         If such type of flecks are appeared in lower sections of the body i.e. below the navel, magnet should be used on the patient’s soles while they are found in the upper sections i.e. above the navel, the magnet should be used on the patient’s palms. In this disease, before using magnet, applying bushi oil is very beneficial. Well, magnet acts very effectively in this disease.

Other treatment-

        The patient should take eatables having vitamin ‘A’ and ‘D’ abundantly in his/her diet, which are very beneficial in this disease. The patient should take balanced diet having protein and minerals like- green vegetables, fruits, cord oil, etc.