Yoga and health


           Yoga is a complete science of the health. It belongs with the apprehension of functioning of all body organs, harmony in these organs as well as proper functioning of the mind.  

        It is different from the modern treatment system. Modern treatment is associated with only diseases and their treatment whereas, systems of Yoga have been made in this way so that they not only sustain the power of all body organs but also increase body power. Due to this reason, a person gets healthy and diseases free life.

          Regular practice of yogasan not only makes the body strong and active but also prevents the physical, mental and sentimental imbalance originated due to different reasons of the life.

         In the natural condition, if all the body parts work properly, it is called good health. If any type of absurdity or abnormality occurs in the any part of the body, that part tries to become well. Yoga is very important comparison to many instruments or methods that are supported to make the healthy. 

      There are three sub-branches of the mechanism, which structures the body. First sub-branch is called ‘antara saranchanatmaka samuha (internal structural group).  In it, muscles, skeleton and aadyhavarniaya system come in it. Second sub-branch is called ‘niyantraka samuha (controller group). Nervous system antahsravi systems are belonged with this sub-clause. Third sub-branch is called ‘nirvah samuha (maintenance group). In this sub-branch, the remaining systems as like breathing system, digestive system, system that throws out the wastes substances, system that carries the blood in the heart, defense system, lymph system and reproductive-system.

        There are many type of variations present in the structure of good health position but these all these systems work with balanced coordination. Yoga works on these all the systems in order and keeps these systems in balanced and fit position.  

          When a person does not care his body with good method, many types of disorders occur in the body. Besides it, in modern and machine time, we shrink their different parts of the body due to take incomplete sleep and rest without light and fresh air and our body suffers from many types of problems and disorders due to unbalanced food and unplanned activities.

          If we have passed this types of unhealthy lifestyle till many years, but yoga can provide common biotic, biological chemical and structural movement of the body.

          Magnitude of yoga philosophy is very vast and our physical body is only a side. The mind and soul also equal important sides of the whole health. The yoga always keeps care on the calculation of work of the mind, body and soul. According to ancient Indian philosophy, there are five layers present on the entity.

           In these, first is physical and internal body, second is vitality, which helps to flow the vitality power in the nerves system. Third layer is the center of mind. Fourth covering is mind and it the layer of the knowledge and ideal whereas, last fifth and external layer is the highest pleasure.

          Many types of disorders can occur because of the imbalance of these covering. Egoism is on the high place in the layers of three beginning layers of the body, vitality and mind. Thus, the rhythm of these layers can be interrupted easily.

          The fourth and fifth layer is lighted by the enlarged conscious world and it can not be expanded. When a person is healthy, the positive energy of the uppermost layer leaks from the bottom layers and makes the complete harmony and balance in all the activities. However, harmony remains in the top layer but because of the imbalance in the bottom layers retention can originate in the free flowing of blissfulness.