Yoga Treatment


Asana and its curing power -

          According to yoga gurus, practice of sitting in only one position for a long time is known as ‘asana’. Yoga asana is like a type of exercise. However, this asana is based on scientific system completely than other physical exercises. All these activities were provided to human being for the physical and mental health by our Indian seers after the researches of thousands of years. Mostly, all these activities are done for the treatment of all types of diseases. Mostly, a person can get benefits after doing the practice of these asanas and any person (children, youth and old person) can get benefits with these asanas. However, children younger than nine years should not do the practice of these asana because body organs of the children are not in developed condition till this time and their organs are very sensitive.

          All types of chronic diseases can be cured by asana. If the person does the practice of these asnas along with other yoga asana, he can get long life and remains healthy for a long period because the stool and poison present in the body, which make the body diseased or bring death soon, destroy after the practice of these asanas. The person’s body becomes beautiful and attractive by doing the practice of yoga asana.


  • The backbone and bones of backbone which have control on the functioning of all the fibers of knowledge of the whole body by the regular practice of asanas become flexible and no curve come in them. The result of it is that a person who does asana daily does not become the victim of senility soon.
  • The practice of asana brings out the polluted substances and poisons from the internal glands of the body and they start their work properly. Thus, resistance power of the body becomes strong.
  • Yoga asana makes the blood veins soft which circulate the blood and provide strength to the heart. Thus, they keep on working without any obstruction.
  • Lungs get strength by the practice of asana. Thus, breathing process becomes normal; blood becomes purified; volatility comes in the mind and the thinking power of the person becomes good.
  • All types of asanas make the body muscles strong. The practice of asanas makes a weak person strong, fat and powerful.
  • The asana helps to awake the kundilini power, which is present in the spinal cord and keeps the brain fresh and works properly.
  • Asanas are useful to make the digestive system strong and clear the stomach.
  • Asanas keep the body and mind healthy completely.
  • Asanas are according to the physical structure of women too. The practice of these asanas brings beauty and attraction in women.

What is yoga?

          Word Yoga comes into existence by adding prefix ‘dhaj’ in the dhatu ‘yuj’ and by adding prefix ‘kartari dhaj’ in the dhatu ‘yujur yog’ in Sanskrit dhatu. Thus, the simple meaning of these words is ‘Samadhi’ (trance) and connector. Other meaning of the word yoga is that- “Be tension free by expelling out all the anxieties and disturbances from the mind”.  

According to Vedas, the description of four types of main techniques of yoga has been given in Sadhana Chatustaya-

  • Mantara yoga
  • Hathayoga
  • Laya yoga
  • Raja yoga
  • Mantara yoga-

          All the activities of passion prevention (chittavrutti nirodh), which are done by taking support of magical form of God, come in mantra yoga as- dhyana yoa, shakti yoga, sankirtana yoga, japa yoga and prema yoga etc.


          There are six types of chakras in the whole body of a person. All the activities by which a person reaches near God by piercing the chakras after controlling the mind come in hatayoga.

Laya yoga:

          Merging in super power present in the thousands of petals of lotus after awakening the sleeping kundilini power by piercing with the help of shatchakra is called laya yoga. It is the peak position of hatayoga.

Rajya yoga-

          Subjugating mental activities by the brain and achieving the condition of passion prevention (chittavruti nirodh) by the thoughts is called raja yoga.

Special note-

  • According to Shankhya Darshana, the nature is held from three types of powers as – sattava, rajas and tamasa. 
  • Their expression is also called balance, activity and inactiveness.
  • Sattava, rajasa and tamasa are related to powers in hathayoga, rajayoga and karmayoga. In them, first is hathayoga is related to physical side, second rajyayoga is related to mental side and third karma yoga is related to above both the sides. Besides these, there is fourth gyan yoga, which is the system of getting complete knowledge. All eight learning of yoga (hatha yoga, raja yoga and karma yoga) can be merged in them - yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, prattyahara, dharana, dyana and Samadhi.
  • It is considered that laya yoha has nine parts as- yama, niyama, sthoola kriya, sukshma kriya, prattyahara, dharana, dhyana, laya kriya and Samadhi.  
  • In it, sthool kriya belongs to mantra kriya, sukshama kriya belong to swarodaya kriya, pratyahara with nadananusandhana and dharana with shatachakra bhedhan.
  • There are 16 parts of the rajayoga but seven parts are most important in them. Part dharna (concept) is thematic as- virata dhyana, God dhyana and brahama dhyana. There are four parts of Samadhi as- vitarkanugata, vicharamugata, aanandanugata and aasmatanugata. There are subjects, which tell about them as sthool bhoot, sukshma bhoot, ghamanda and tadatmayatapanna.
  • The person, who does rajayoga by these techniques, win on the vitality by subjugating the mind and gets sidhdi.
  • There are only two types of deeds. First normal deed what is done by us in daily life and second is yoga. The person, who has knowledge of normal deeds, is not able in reaching towards God whereas yoga carries the person towards the God by removing from the worldly deeds.